Why Unite Gamification, Marketing, And Technology?


Marketing, gamification, and technology can go hand in hand to achieve the best results thanks to augmented reality, geolocation, and data big.

Within marketing, loyalty is very important to customers. We have worked for years with several companies to use technology in these actions and strategies.

That is why we have developed projects in which we combine marketing, gamification, and technology. Thanks to the experience that the Vanadis team has to generate engagement through the most cutting-edge technologies, we have achieved satisfactory results when combining them.

To begin with, gamification tries to introduce game mechanics in environments and contexts that are not considered playful. The objective is that the users perceive the actions as something entertaining, which improves the satisfaction rate and also the interactions with the activity.

The impact on customer perception generated by gamification can be used in many areas. These types of actions are not only fun but, when combined with technology, they provide useful data for companies.

On the other hand, loyalty tries to strengthen the bond between consumers and companies. This marketing strategy maximizes the value of long-term relationships between users and brands.

Thanks to technological advances and the degree of digitization of the population, technology allows marketing and gamification to be effectively combined.


Among our clients, we have several success stories in which marketing and gamification have gone hand in hand.
The application that we have developed for this company has various functionalities such as booking taxis or managing coupons. The app is, in itself, a very powerful loyalty tool.

In the purest Pokemon Go style, the use of the application was encouraged as well as the attendance of users at the physical locations of the loyalty program associates.

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The most important question that any businessman could ask himself right now is how will this union benefit my company? That is why we have compiled some of the most important advantages that you can have in the marketing strategy of your business.

Automation: It is well known that one of the most important values ​​of technology in any field is the possibility of automating processes. This obviously translates into greater effectiveness and monetary savings.

But how is automation an advantage in marketing and gamification strategies? Very simple, technology allows greater freedom when developing gamified actions, by automating them, we do not have to manually control the progress of users, levels, or results. This allows your company to pay attention to other aspects without the management of the data generated is vital.

Immediacy: Directly related to automation, using technology in marketing and gamification strategies allows not only to collect information quickly but also user access to dynamics.

Users are able to “play” and win those games quickly, so they will continue to interact and use the app, as they obtain their results in real-time. 

Feedback and data collection: To know how effective a marketing campaign or strategy is, it is important to have data that reflects the opinion of users. Thanks to technology, gamified marketing strategies can obtain direct feedback from users.

From the actions carried out by the user to the most complicated levels of the game, technology is capable of collecting all this data and delivering it in an orderly manner so that we are able to use it to improve our gamification. 

With the storage and management of these large amounts of data that technology allows us, we can know our users in many ways. Not only in how it interacts with the gamified action but also its trends and tastes, which allows subsequent segmentation to work on its loyalty.

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