Work More Effectively In The Home Office – Always Keep An Eye On Working Hours

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Working from home offers many advantages for employees, but also for employers. However, there are also challenges. With the right tools and tips, working from home is particularly effective.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Home Office

One of the biggest advantages for employees is no longer having to commute to work, which means no travel costs and more free time. In addition, it is quite convenient and comfortable to be able to start working at your own desk at home . Families with children are even able to work if they are sick in bed or the school or daycare center is closed.

However, working from home also has disadvantages. Not everyone can concentrate well at home and there is also a lack of direct contact with colleagues. For this reason, many employees opt for a mix of home office and presence – two days in the office and three days at home is a popular model here.

For companies, working from home has the advantage that employees are generally more satisfied with their workplace and therefore more productive in the long term. In addition, less office space is necessary if not all employees are in the office all the time, which helps reduce costs overall. The productivity of many employees also increases when they no longer have to travel long distances to work and can work independently.

Record Times Professionally

It is not easy for employers to record specific working hours when employees are working from home. Is the employee really at work or is he busy doing other things? Or does the colleague work too much overtime but doesn’t dare to communicate it openly for fear of losing his job? These factors are easier to regulate with professional time recording.

With time recording, all hours worked can be recorded at various workplaces such as the office, but also on the home computer and on various devices such as tablets or smartphones. Absences and breaks can also be optimally evaluated so that the human resources department has all payroll data available at the end of the month.

Employees also have a good overview of their working hours, which can increase efficiency and give the supervisor a good overview of the work being done. Even complex coordination and approval processes can be handled more efficiently using a modern time recording tool, which can optimize the workflow in a company with on-site and home office employees.

Improve Workflows

Time recording has another advantage for companies. Thanks to the collection of numerous data on the various end devices , they get a better overview of which tasks and projects require more time than planned or where there is still potential for savings. In this way, many company processes can be further optimized in the long term in order to remain competitive. This is not only helpful for increasing sales, but also for personnel planning, which is made easier thanks to time recording tools.

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