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1377x Torrents

1377x is a sister domain for the 1337x or 13377x torrents, it can be used if the original domains are blocked. Visit 1377x if you are film fans of any kind, including those who love to watch TV shows and OTT videos. Check out the information below to learn more about 1377x Proxy , one of the most popular illegal free streaming websites. Expect the unexpected from the torrent domain 13377x. It is against the law to stream copyrighted content for free.

Because of this, despite the many restrictions imposed by anti-piracy cyber cells & teams throughout the globe, these websites continue to flourish and win hearts. Initially, only a few videos were seen on 1377x websites. The fact that they have amassed such a large amount of illegal content has made them one of the most visited unlawful websites worldwide.

There are more than 100 million visits to the site today, even though it has been illegal in several countries.

It was made possible by administrators working ceaselessly to parse domain names in the way of mirror sites, despite several restrictions.

About 1377x

Folks can find films and TV shows from Hollywood, Tollywood, Bollywood, and regional languages on 1377x, one of the most popular and well-known illegal movie streaming websites. There will be a ban on the 1377x.to website in countries where it is illegal to distribute unlicensed movies.

Numerous domains are associated with the 1377x Proxy name alone, and the site is still active despite its earlier suspension. It is still a popular query, according to Google’s data. Also available are cartoons, animations, and motion pictures from across the world on the website 13377x. In addition, there will be divisions depending on genre, dialect/language, and other factors.

A wide variety of video quality and file sizes are compatible only with magnet links provided for movies. Users of the 1377x website do not have to register or pay any extra fees, in contrast to other well-known video streaming services. Everyone can enjoy and uninhibitedly browse anything they choose without paying a subscription fee or dealing with any other problems. Users have the option of viewing their video live online or downloading it to enjoy at a later time.

Main Features Of 1377x Torrents

For 1377x, there are a tons of fantastic features, and the following aspects combine to make this website one of a kind and user-friendly for downloading a variety of media.


There are a plethora of resources for free movie downloads available online. Because of this, 1377x is preferred by many people throughout the globe. Users can download all kinds of web series, movies, software, games, and other premium stuff for free, thanks to the website’s unique features. Folks can find the most recent releases on this torrent site’s huge database.

The Best UI Design

The 1377x search engine has the greatest user interface of all torrent sites. The users know that a well-designed product results in an enhanced user experience. Ads abound on several pirate websites, which results in a bad experience while trying to download a movie. 13377x provides a relaxing experience while downloading videos, and users have no trouble downloading.

13377x Search Engines

There are millions of pieces of data in the 1377x search engine’s database. Home page categories include movies and TV shows, music and apps, anime and documentaries, and other types of content. This category makes it simple for users to locate the information they want. People can access each category’s most recent file by selecting the relevant category icon from the list.

Active 13377x Domain Names

Internet service providers (ISPs) regularly monitor and ban many illicit torrent sites, including the domain 1377x. While its URLs change, the content of 1377x Proxy stays the same when it is banned. As a result, a slew of clone sites’ proxies and mirrors appear. The following is a list of sites with various domain names:

  • 1377x.gd (https://www.1377x.gd/)

1377x Proxy List [Updated 2024]

Below is the table in which we had listed some of the best working 1377x Proxy list


Alternatives To The 1377x Website In 2024

Do not give up hope if the 1377x proxy and mirrors don’t work for users. You can find some of the top torrent websites for downloading games, movies, applications, and software on our list of 1377x alternatives. Legal streaming sites, such as those listed above, are far more secure and convenient than any illegal streaming site.

How To Download Movies & Other Content From 1377x Torrents Using A VPN

If users have trouble unblocking 1377x through proxy, users should consider using a virtual private network (VPN). A copyrighted piece of content on the web could result in legal action. SurfsharkVPN, NordVPN, Private Internet Access, and other high-quality VPN services are available. It conceals the true IP address, protecting users from any harm.

Downloading 1377x content

  • To begin, access the 1377x website on any of the preferred online platforms (Mozilla, Google, Brave, Opera)
  • Users will see a lengthy search bar on the top right-hand corner of the webpage. Enter the titles users are looking for in the search box provided. Movies, games, and music are just a few of the many genres users discover on our website. When looking for the movie “Hobbs and Shaw,” here’s a quick explanation: in the film,
  • There are many options when users put the movie name “Hobbs & Shaw” into the search field and press the search button.
  • The magnet URL downloading option will appear when users click on the movie. A simple magnet download option is all users need. 
  • There are two alternatives when users click it: “Open Bittorrent” or “Cancel.”
  • Press OK once users have selected the accessible bittorrent option. Users will instantly launch the BitTorrent software. Once the program has been launched, click the “OK” button to begin the download.

1377x.to FAQ’s

Does anybody know how safe 1377x is for users?

Torrent sites like 1377x, which are popular with unknown persons, are not safe to use. Personal information can be used by cybercriminals and hackers for illegal reasons, putting one’s safety at risk.

How can Individuals download from the 1377x Proxy?

Visit 1377x, search again for torrent file users wish to download, then download and install that particular torrent. If users cannot access the website, users can utilize one of our 1377x proxy services.

How do Individuals unblock 1377x?

Users can bypass the country-specific block on the original pirate website by using a proxy or a 1377x.to mirror site. Visit 13377x alternatives, such as those listed above, are an additional option.

What should Individuals do to download movies from 13377x? 

1377x has a large number of pirated movies. Thus we do not encourage downloading movies from this site.

In what ways does 1377x make money?

Pop-up advertisements are the primary source of 13377x’s revenue, and third-party websites will get advertisements for different products. These website owners offer 1377x administrators a set price to maintain their company websites. Another possibility is that the site generates money based on the number of visitors and page views it receives.

Is 1377x working in the Year 2024?

Yes in the year 2023 also so many people are using this torrent website across different countries for watching movies and downloading different games and software


Illegal websites must include information about the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing them. 1377x it is hard to convince someone to disobey the law in this setting since it is neither safe nor secure. Before using a VPN, users should ensure a secure connection. Users can not access this torrent site without using a virtual private network (VPN). 

This report focuses only on 1377x. If a user prefers to view or download videos, there is a broad choice of content available. The selections are influenced by the video content that is now seen & can be accessed on this site. After reading the following article, many people worldwide will have a new appreciation for cartoons, movies, and comics.

Disclaimer: Copyright infringement is punishable by up to five years in prison under the Copyright Act of 1957. As a consequence of this essay, readers will have a better grasp of how to stream & download any video content properly.

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