14 Online Business Ideas In 2023

Online Business Ideas

The new year has arrived! Time passes, and online commerce continues to flourish. After the covid-19 health crisis, the Internet has become more than ever the place of exchange and work par excellence. Launching your online business in 2023 is a good idea to put the odds on your side.

If you have the project to create your e-business, we can only encourage you this way. All you have to do is find the perfect idea! To make it easier for you, we have thought about and found 14 online business ideas to create in 2023. Happy reading!

Online Business Ideas in Web Professions

On the web, there are dozens of professions that we know well or less well. These professions sometimes require training and precise mastery of computer tools (such as development professions, for example) or are sometimes accessible to all. We have found 10 web business ideas to present to you.


Web development is one of those web jobs reserved for those who master specific tools. To develop a website, you must master a code system (we also speak computer language).

After the covid-19 crisis, the number of online businesses exploded. Many companies open a website. These online stores need to be developed. This is why entrepreneurs increasingly call on web developers to design their websites.

If you know how to code and have knowledge of website creation, you can make yourself known via specifically dedicated platforms and charge for your know-how. For this, you can start a web development company and see where it takes you! This is a job with a future.


Web writing is, unlike web development, a profession accessible to all. Even without training in the field of the web, you can create your business and offer your writing services.

It suffices for this:

  • to have a perfect command of the written French language (spelling, syntax, etc.);
  • to be versatile and able to carry out in-depth research on any subject;
  • to have some basics in SEO (Searching Engine Optimization).

This last point will be significant because most of your customers will be looking to use your articles to improve their search engine rankings. Search engines value specific ways of writing more than others. But do not panic! Just educate yourself by researching it, and you can quickly become an expert on the subject!


Back to a job that requires mastery of computer tools. In the case of digital graphics, you also need a certain artistic sense and training in communication. For the same reasons as for web development, digital graphics is a future profession.


Getting into blogging is no small feat. It’s a complicated path on which you must embark by showing finesse and a spirit of strategy. However, when it works, we reap very satisfying fruits!

  • The first step, find a subject that you are passionate about, that you master and that you can talk about without getting tired;
  • Then, target an audience that will be interested in your content;
  • Make yourself known, communicate on the networks, and expand your audience;
  • Monetize your blog traffic and earn a living from your passion.

Some topic ideas for your blog:

  • Travel, tourism, and culture of foreign countries;
  • Your experience around a profession or a discipline;
  • Sharing your passion (a sport, singing, sewing, etc.)


If podcasting had fallen into oblivion, it would have come back stronger than ever! It is an audio format which allows consumers to listen to something other than music while they are busy doing other things. It is an enjoyable way to learn, educate oneself or reflect on topics that are important to us while driving, cleaning or cooking, for example.

Share your passion or your interests, it is a much less competitive format than blogging, and you will be able to find a place more easily.

The process is much the same as creating a blog: choose a subject, target an audience, and communicate. Instead of creating a website and writing, you will need to find a dedicated platform that will accept to broadcast your podcasts, like Spotify. 

Some topic ideas for your podcasts:

  • feminism ;
  • parenthood;
  • personal development…


You can offer companies your community management services. You can anticipate and create their posts on social networks and respond to comments… Your job will help companies maintain a community spirit around their brand.


Monetizing knowledge is much more profitable than monetizing a good. It’s a concept we talk about, and for a good reason: sell a property. It’s no longer yours. Sell ​​knowledge, and you will always have it!

E-learning has a future. If you are a specialist in a discipline, it is now entirely possible to sell your knowledge on the Internet through paid e-training.

There are platforms on which you can sell your training. If your first customers are satisfied, their feedback and word-of-mouth will help you gain exposure and grow your customer base. 

E-learning is very profitable and can be applied to any area of ​​expertise:

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • The kitchen
  • The examination methodology…

There is no limit to what you can sell!


Return to a specific area of ​​expertise. As we have seen with web development, you need special knowledge and a certain mastery of computer tools to develop an application. Moreover, it is necessary most of the time to assemble a team of professionals (several developers, graphic designers, and experts in communication and marketing…).

When everything must be adapted to the smartphone’s format rather than that of the computer, it can be strategically fascinating to turn to the development of applications.  


Digital has become so important in our daily lives that most of what we read today is on a screen. Ebooks are now part of the daily life of many people.

One can find literature ebooks, novels and other classic or contemporary books that are much more convenient to read on a tablet and store in a virtual library. One can also find shorter training ebooks on specific subjects, which are sold to provide knowledge to the buyer. 

Going into ebook publishing can also mean helping companies that would like to sell their knowledge but need more time and skills.


If you are fluent in one or more foreign languages, you can make a name for yourself on the Internet by setting up your online translation business. Entrepreneurs who want to export to other countries and reach customers who speak other languages ​​may need a translator for their articles or web pages. It’s a web business that pays off and has a future! Speaking a foreign language is a valuable asset that can be used to earn a living.

Online business ideas in e-commerce

Among the many online business ideas we thought about, we had to remember e-commerce. You can create a business by opening an online store. Here are 4 ideas for online stores to open in 2023.


It’s a scary word because it often has negative connotations and is associated with fraudulent sales or poor-quality products. However, dropshipping is the victim of an abusive reputation. Products sold in a dropshipping store are somewhat low-quality products.

The principle of dropshipping is as follows: it involves selling products via an online storefront without having them in stock. When a customer places an order, it is up to the company to contact its supplier to order the product and then send it to the customer. In this way, you will not lose money in purchasing supplies and will earn money by taking a margin on the product.

Customers find it beneficial: the products you sell on your dropshipping site must be highlighted, your product selection must be consistent, etc. The customer’s buying experience must be facilitated and pleasant.


Everyone has a smartphone. It is also true that all smartphones are more or less alike. It is increasingly fashionable to accessorize your smartphone to make it original. It is possible to personalize your smartphone with shells or charms.

You can open an online store specializing in selling smartphone accessories and be very successful. Be careful to offer covers and accessories adapted to the most significant number of smartphone models to satisfy the greatest possible number of customers.


Second-hand product resale platforms are flourishing on the web. While the world is in an increasingly ecological approach, the world of commerce is no exception. If you want to open an online store, but you disagree with the injunctions of the consumer society, which pushes you to buy new and throw away what you no longer use, why not turn to the sale of products second hand?

You can specialize in selling textiles by opening, for example, a vacuum-dressing platform. You can also create an online store with several categories of goods, allowing buyers to quickly find what they are looking for by connecting them with sellers. 


This last category remains in the same spirit as the previous one. Ecological approaches are increasingly appreciated by consumers, who are becoming aware of the importance of respecting the planet. The search for “green” particularly concerns cosmetics. We apply them directly to our skin, face, body, and hair… They are often filled with chemicals, animal substances or substances tested on animals, products that can be dangerous for health in the long term. To change that, start selling green cosmetics:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free products;
  • Products made from organic plants;
  • Minimalist, biodegradable and recycled material packaging…

We hope you have found what you want among these 14 online business ideas to open in 2023. If not, we hope to have given you some ideas! We wish you a wonderful year 2023, filled with beautiful projects and success.

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