5 Google Shopping Strategies For SMEs


Google Shopping is a tool with which you can promote those products in your store that are related to a specific search on Google. These are precisely the products that appear in a box at the top right of the page after searching. Today we will know up to 5 Google Shopping strategies for your business.

This tool will also help you reach your target audience more efficiently by showing the products you sell in search results. In addition, it allows users to compare prices and get much better information to make the most appropriate purchase decision.

5 Google Shopping Strategies For Small And Medium Businesses

However, to get the most out of Google Shopping, you must implement a series of strategies that will come in handy. Remember that this tool can make your store more visible, get more visitor traffic and sell more.

Geolocate Your Audience

The first Google Shopping strategy you can put into practice is to geolocate your target audience. The main idea is that the ads for your products are shown to those users who are in areas where you can sell and ship your products more efficiently.

On the other hand, it is also interesting that these ads can be seen by people who are interested in your products or similar. Otherwise, if you promote your products to a sector of the public that is not interested in them, the advertising campaign will not be successful.

Optimize Your Product Sheets

Secondly, you must optimize your product files to the maximum to obtain a better positioning in Google. The cards must be clear and precise to match the users’ search. In addition, they must be well written, without errors and with a pleasant and easy-to-read description.

The name of the product, its description and the price must be evident to users. As far as possible, regularly review these product sheets to update them. Google will catch that you are working on these tabs and will position them better.

Promote Yourself

A good Google Shopping campaign will allow you to promote your products. Not in vain. You are providing information about them so that the user decides to make a purchase. But for this user to reach your store, you must include the promotion of your company as one of the most relevant Google Shopping strategies.

You can publicize your business on social networks or plan an email marketing strategy. Item promotions, welcome offers, giveaways, etc. These are actions that will help your store to acquire more relevance.

Make Sure Your Products Are Not Rejected.

Remember to comply with the Google Shopping ads policies when optimizing your products. You can request a manual review if any of your products have been disapproved. This request is located in the “Actions” column of the “Item Status” section.

This manual review can take up to 3 business days. Once approved, you can publish the product in Google Shopping ads within 24 hours. However, before requesting this review, try to know the reasons for its rejection.

Learn From Your Campaign Data

The last of the Google Shopping strategies we recommend is learning from your campaigns’ data. To do this, you can use the competitiveness report found in the growth section of Merchant. This report gives you an overview of the data of your campaigns and lets you know how your prices are compared to the competition.

You will see what percentage of your products are priced the same, higher or lower than the competition. In addition, you also have at your disposal the best sellers report to check which are the most popular products and brands and their current status in your inventory.

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