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Learn about Google Ads ad campaigns to reach your potential customers through email. With Gmail Ads, you can gain visibility at an affordable price, taking advantage of Internet ads.

Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads are displayed through email, shown at the top of users’ inboxes. Some formats are expandable when you click on the ad, supporting video and images, different from Google Ads ads.

This type of ad has several advantages:

  • Economic click price
  • Bypass the spam filter of the prospect’s inbox
  • Flexibility in segmentation

Gmail Ads Campaign

We are going to assess how to create an ad campaign easily:

Please create a new campaign within Google Ads and select an objective. However, I usually leave it blank to have more variables when configuring the ad campaigns. I think you are doing a display campaign. Therefore, select, display, and Gmail.

Complete the standard settings in Google ad campaigns: ad location (country, province, city), language, daily budget, and bid. In addition, you can include:

  • The ad scheduling by days and hours.
  • Duration of the campaign.
  • Devices where the ads will be seen. 

By creating ad groups, segment according to your interests to reach your potential customers. You can do it by audiences, remarketing, keywords or demographics. Ideally, create three ad groups and avoid automatic targeting to succeed with your ads. In addition, you can target your ads by audiences:

  • Segmentation audiences by customer list with emails. 
  • Segment by similar audiences, taking the customer list as a reference.

Gmail Ads

You have two options to create your ads:

  • Designing your ads and uploading them to the platform
  • Create them through Google Ads

The best option is to create them within Google Ads because you will avoid display problems to be displayed in all available formats.

Select the option from the drop-down menu and fill in the fields to create the ads. Try to attract the user’s attention with attractive images, calls to action, and offers or promotions to attract them to your business

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