How 5G Will Serve Marketing And Customer Experience

5G Will Serve Marketing

5G is coming soon across the world and, well beyond a formidable technological revolution, it will also bring a new dimension to marketing, allowing brands and companies to reinvent themselves. Through more interactivity, marketers will be able to better target consumers, and the online customer experience will be better.
5G will be synonymous with speed, with a latency 100 times lower than 4G, and a much higher speed and density than what we know now. With faster wireless connectivity, it should allow mobile speeds of 10 Gbit / s (compared to 100 Mb / s today). Digital connections will thus be up to 1,000 times faster than with 4G. As bandwidth increases dramatically, dramatically, more people and things will be able to be online.


The management, marketing, and digital communication advisor also emphasizes that thanks to the data obtained instantly on mobile activity, marketers will obtain key elements. In particular to create hyper-targeted advertising experiences in real-time, taking into account individual preferences and the context.

High-speed processing will also allow for creative and entertaining interactions, which will help brands differentiate themselves from the competition.


Thanks to 5G, advertising formats will be more interactive, especially those in high resolution. Virtual reality and 4K video will develop.

We are also moving towards more collaborative marketing campaigns, thanks to social conversation platforms. They will be done in real-time, in a customized way, by adapting the messages to the expectations of their targets, thanks to future IoT networks powered by 5G. Brands will thus be able to refine their campaigns by taking into account, for example, the emotional experience, the customization of the customer journey, using brand stories, or games in the form of augmented reality. They will be able to develop customer loyalty and their feeling of proximity.

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In addition, the instantaneous data transmission will be able to bridge the gap between online communication and offline communication. On the advice of marketing experts, retail brands will also be able to deliver personalized messages in their stores via mobile payment systems or ensure that campaigns deployed across multiple channels remain connected and relevant.

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