What Exactly Mean By Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality


Augmented reality

Technology-based on combining images of the real world with virtual images through the camera of a mobile device or on the screen of a computer. Its purpose is to add virtual information to the reality and existing and aims to provide as much useful information as well as create excitement and admiration in products and services and is a marketing technique. For example, visualize how some furniture would look in our living room without having to buy it. 

Examples and more information

Microsoft has already made clear its intentions regarding augmented reality and the various uses it can have, using holograms. 

Virtual reality

It is the simulation in real-time of a virtual world developed by a computer or computer program.

The user is able to immerse himself in imaginary worlds where he represents physical objects and places with which he can interact. Normally the senses that are most focused on are sight and hearing creating unique experiences. 

Examples and more information

One of the objects that are capable of projecting this reality is the Oculus Rift glasses. 

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