6 Cool Industries for Software Engineering Careers


Lately, software engineering has been one of the most sought-after careers. The reason behind this is quite simple – more and more companies each day are looking for software engineers that can help them improve and establish their businesses on the market.

That being said, however, not every career in this industry is equally rewarding or entertaining. That’s why it becomes very important for software engineers to choose their career paths carefully and really think through the direction they want to take it in. So, with that in mind, here are some of the most interesting career paths for software engineers.


To some, it may seem like the retail industry is where creativity and skill in software engineering goes to die. However, this simply can’t be further from the truth. With large enterprises, such as Amazon, many traditional retailors are being replaced at a very fast pace. That’s why the majority of them decided to look for solutions that will enable them to get out of this unfavorable position. Many modern retailors are entirely changing their business structure and focusing more on creating new microservices platforms that will enable them to fit in with the modern demand. Of course, needless to say, that’s where software engineers come into play. From building a website to creating interactive and engaging UI, any software engineer will have plenty of space to grow their career.


If you’ve always dreamed about having a job where you’ll actually feel like you’re giving back, this may be the perfect choice for you. Besides, working in healthcare will enable you to explain to everyone “what is it that you’re actually doing” more easily. In healthcare, software engineers are usually hired to create clinical applications, cloud systems, analytics, patient portals and many other similar applications. Of course, this type of career is not suited for persons who don’t take their jobs seriously. So, if you feel like that there’s a bit too much responsibility related to this type of career, you might want to look elsewhere for something that is more suited for your personal workstyle.


The entertainment industry offers a plethora of career opportunities to individuals of various caliber, software engineers included. Here, you can literally pick and choose a segment of the industry you wish to explore more and grow your career in. One of the most profitable and engaging segments of the entertainment industry is certainly the iGaming industry. With the number of online casinos being on a constant rise, the online casino software industry is simply blooming. Here, any software engineer can find something that will tickle their creativity and imagination and provide good grounds for growing their career further. Aside from the iGaming industry, the gaming, music and even film industry also offer plenty of viable career paths.

Research and development

Technically speaking, the research and development is not an entire industry on its own. Rater, it is a crucial part of every single industry in the world. That’s why building a career in this area will enable you to learn and grow with each passing day. In order to continue to grow and advance, literally every single industry in the world needs to ensure that it stays on top of all the latest trends and relevant industry shifts. And that’s where software engineers get their time to sine. Every good research and development team will need a plethora of quality and reliable software to compile, categorize and log their findings. On top of that, those findings need to be organized in such a way that enables people using them to understand them more easily and figure out what their next course of action should be. That’s why software engineers looking to build a fulfilling and dynamic career should look no further than R&D.

IT and business services

Various IT and business services are always on the lookout for new and talented individuals to join their ranks. Lately, we can even see companies looking for soon-to-be college grads and snatching them up even before they’re officially done with their degrees. The reason behind this is simple – only the businesses that not only stay well-informed and on top of trends, but also those that manage to become innovative have good chances of staying relevant in the future. And the best way to stay fresh and innovative is to bring young people on your team. Another important thing to keep in mind is that every business nowadays is doing thigs differently. Which means that an A-player from some other company may not even be an okay choice for the position you need them to fill in yours. So, sometimes the best way to secure A-players for your own company is to look for young and fresh talent.

Government and defense

In the end, if working for your government sounds like something you may be interested in, you can always focus on secure software development. Since creating any type of security software is not one-and-done type of thing, you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow and develop your career. However, do know that this area is highly-competitive and requires individuals who are willing to take on the necessary responsibility. And, aside from required certification and various technical skills, you’ll also need to be tenacious, persistent and uncompromising.

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