7 Largest Investment Management Companies Worldwide

investement management

A lot of people are investing a portion of their earnings today through an investment management company.  These companies ensure that investors have the tools and systems they need in controlling their investments.

There’s a lot of investment companies that allow investors to manage their assets right from their platform. Each of these investment company’s services differs from each other based on the features and services they offer to investors based on avatrade review. As an investor, you need to ensure that the investment management company you use their services for investing suits your investing preferences.

What Investment Management Companies Do?

There’s no doubt that you are wondering about how they make their money? Investment management companies make their money by charging investors transaction and maintenance fees based on the services they offer. The fees they charge can vary independently based on each company.

Even at that, their services are very useful for investors in making money. Each of these investment companies provides different investment options like Stocks, Bonds, CFDs, and others. Most of these companies also offer trading services to investors who prefer trading forex. You can read about forex trading from thinkmarkets review.

Here’s the list of 7 largest investment companies worldwide:


Blackrock was introduced in 1988 as an investment company. They provide different varieties of investment options to investors. They have been in the business for a long time with good records as one of the largest financial companies in the world. Blackrock allows you to invest in stocks, bonds, and others.

The Vanguard Group

The Vanguard group is very popular because of its mutual fund’s services. They are a passive investment company that allows money to be placed in mutual funds. The Vanguard Group offers different varieties of trading features to allow investors to enhance their trading experience. Unlike other investment companies, the Vanguard Group provides a unique and different type of service.

UBS Group

The UBS Group has been active for a long period as a regulated investment company since 1998. They have been offering different varieties of investment services, which makes them the perfect choice according to investors. Their enhanced trading services are very lucrative for generating an increased amount of income. They started in Switzerland but now have a lot of subsidiaries in other countries.

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State Street Global Advisors

The State Global Advisors was introduced in 2017, as a regulated financial company. They offer the perfect tool for managing investments. They are a very popular investment company in the world, ranking 4th on the list of the largest investment management companies worldwide.


Since 1890, Allianz has been operating as a multinational financial company in Germany. They offer different varieties of services to investors around the world. They offer a lot of investment opportunities to investors through insurance and asset management.

Capital Group

Capital Investment Group is an investment bank that’s very popular in America. They offer engaging investment services to investors around the world. They are among the oldest investment companies.

Fidelity Investment

Fidelity investment is a low-risk investment company that gives investors and traders the opportunity of making money on their platform. Fidelity investment has been the top investment company in the US for a long time now. They offer both desktop and mobile services to both investors and traders. In the past few years, they have been nominated as the best investment platform around the world.

However, apart from them, there are other investment companies and brokers like FXchoice. You can check the FXchoice review here.


A lot of people are investing a portion of their earnings today through an investment management company. These companies ensure that investors have the tools and systems they need in controlling their investments.

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