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When we wrote this article about the new digital jobs, we were thinking about the digital skills that much of the working-age population has yet to develop.

However, now that we have developed it, we have realized that not everything refers to new skills but that in many traditional jobs, the tools have varied. The same skills must be executed in different ways … Are you curious? Follow me and see if I can satisfy her. I promise you a description of the positions and some juicy links so that you can develop that knowledge.

New Jobs Linked To Digitization.

It is evident that with the level of inclusion of the Internet in our daily and work-life, there are conditions that did not exist before. As a consequence, new jobs have been developed, and our mission is to show you… and also offer you training solutions if you want to develop your professional career towards these digital paths.

New Jobs Linked To Social Media Strategy.

With the advent of social networks, our lives have undergone certain changes, such as the loss of privacy or certain disorders that many people suffer from not controlling their exposure times in these applications. However, they have brought many advantages, and we have very powerful communication tools in the palm of our hand. Of course, they also affect companies, which have discovered a way to be closer to consumers, both with advertising techniques and in a more natural way. In any case, it is easy to collect information on tastes, reactions to new launches, and in general, market studies are easier and more direct.

Community Manager

He is in charge of connecting the brand and its followers on social networks daily. You must plan and publish the content to be shared, respond to commercial questions in the messaging services, and comment on the publications, generating maximum possible interaction.

Social Media Strategist

Their functions are not day-to-day but rather plan to be used in the brand’s strategy and propose general action tactics in the chosen social media.

Paid Media Manager

It is a figure that is becoming more and more important. Social media for companies offer payment options, that is, advertisements and promoted publications, and this figure is in charge of optimizing these campaigns.

New Jobs Linked To Electronic Commerce.

Ecommerce Manager

He is in charge of ensuring everything works in the online store; he must have expert knowledge about the CMS with which the store is implemented (wordpress, PrestaShop, Magento, etc.) and handle all the catalogue and commercial information of the company.

SEO Specialist

Search engine positioning is essential for the online store to be found by potential buyers. Both at the level of internal factors of the page and the contents created and the way of communicating the characteristics of the product, the SEO specialist must optimize these aspects to achieve consistency and efficiency in the indexing of the web.

SEM Specialist

SEO factors are free, as they are worked through configurable, technical and copywriting aspects. The SEM factors have to do with the means of payment in search engines. Ads on multiple platforms, forms and with different objectives require a figure similar to that of the paid media manager (they usually converge on the same person)

User Experience Specialist

It is a technical profile that optimizes the processes and components of the web so that the buyer has the best possible perception of the online store and, at the same time, meets the criteria set by search engines.

Data Analyst

All the activity of an online store is reflected in the statistics. Accesses, traffic sources or most viewed pages are just the simplest examples; a good data analyst will draw the appropriate conclusions so that the previous profiles optimize their actions to the maximum.

New Jobs Linked to Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence

You must know the fundamentals of data warehouses, data mining processes, technical aspects of servers, and analytical skills to make valid queries and reports for decision-making in the company.

Business Intelligence Project Architect

The key to a project is its management, correct planning, and visualization and consultation tools. This position should focus on the implementation of all the necessary functions.


New Digital Skills Linked to Labour Market Situations.


The self-employed have a lot of merit for launching themselves and creating their companies. In its management, the digital component takes more and more strength, both due to the advantages of optimizing time and the lower cost of digital management.


Sometimes we are unemployed, for structural reasons, due to market disruption or simply because we need to change our professional course; in those cases, new technologies provide a different way of entering the labour market again.

As you can see, it is not difficult to adapt to what the new digital jobs demand; you have to be clear if you opt for a new job or need to polish your knowledge to use new functionalities and methodologies based on digitization. At FEMA, we love to help, and if you have questions, you have to comment on this post, and we will be happy to guide you, or, if you need it, we organize an information session. We are at your disposal to advance your professional career!

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