Advantages of The Equality Plan


The First Thing Will Be To Determine What An Equality Plan is

An Equality plan is an ordered set of evaluable measures adopted after carrying out a diagnosis of the situation, aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the company and eliminating discrimination based on sex. The equality plans must set the specific equality objectives to be achieved, the strategies and practices to be adopted to achieve them, and the establishment of effective monitoring systems and the method of evaluation of the objectives set.

Which companies are obliged to draw up and implement an Equality Plan, and how long do they have to comply with this obligation?

– Those with 50 or more workers on the workforce, although they have a transitional period for the approval of their Equality Plan.-

– Those bound by the applicable collective agreement.

– Those in which the labor authority had agreed to it in a sanctioning procedure, where the substitution of additional sanctions as specified by the elaboration of an Equality Plan.

What should an Equality Plan contain?

Beforehand, a negotiated diagnosis will be drawn up, where appropriate, with the Legal Representation of Workers (RLT).

Every Equality Plan must refer to at least the following matters: Selection and hiring process, Professional classification, Training, Professional promotion, Working conditions, Co-responsible exercise of the rights of personal, family, and work-life: female underrepresentation, Remuneration, and prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment.

Advantages of implementing an Equality Plan

Productivity improvement. The Equality plans favor a better use of time. They consider that all countries that work the most and produce the least will lead to more extraordinary dedication and productivity.

Reduces absenteeism from work. It reduces stress in the workforce due to more efficient and fair management of human resources, which is based, from the outset, on issues such as reconciling work and family life.

Improves the work environment. With the reduction of differences between male and female colleagues, the work environment improves, shown by the different studies on companies that have implemented these measures in their routine. Labor conflict is reduced.

Rationalize schedules. This type of measure contributes to the more rational use of time and modern and more efficient management of human resources.

It favors the flexibility of the organization. We must bear in mind that policies for reconciling work and family life imply managing human resources with elements of flexibility.

Develop creativity and innovation. With the implementation of equality plans, it is committed to taking advantage of the talent of women in the same way as that of men. Non-discrimination in selection by companies represents a broader and more educated job offer. Therefore, savings are made in selection and training, and talent is retained. As stated in the guide for companies that enjoy the Equality in the Company distinction, the commitment to equal opportunities in recruitment sources generates a double benefit: it favors the image as a company that retains talent and, therefore, is a significant source of attraction.

Better adaptation to the market of the offer of products and services. “The existence of work represents a greater capacity of response on the company’s part to the variation of the markets,” maintains the same study.

Substitution of sanctions for the development of an equality plan. This appears as one of the most practical advantages after a visit by the Labor Inspection that detects that the law on the matter is being breached, for example.

Preference in the award of public administration contracts. This is another advantage that the company’s management can quickly perceive and that has made, for example, that the preparation of equality plans has become an incentive for SMEs, which are not obliged in principle.

The credibility of social responsibility. These companies can transmit an image of excellence to society and, therefore, a competitive advantage. Conclusion and it is that having equality plans can improve the appearance in front of customers and the community.

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