Artificial Intelligence – The Best Ally To Take Advantage Of The Digital Sales Channel

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Artificial intelligence directly affects customer intelligence and therefore can be applied to all businesses, thus making the most of the digital channel and eCommerce.

Online commerce has experienced exponential growth in recent times. Specifically, between 2016 and 2019, online purchases grew by 78%.

Data that show the importance that the online sales channel has acquired for all businesses, and that it has been reinforced by the pandemic derived from Covid-19.


Faced with this situation, it is necessary to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digital commerce. The data are one of the most abundant and valuable elements that offer this type of sale. Each acquisition requires information from the buyer and this is very valuable for companies as they can transform it into great opportunities using artificial intelligence .

The organizations represented considerable authority in the use of man-made reasoning to improve measures in the promoting and deals territories of organizations, review, brings up that man-made brainpower strategies “work since they handle enormous volumes of information, distinguish connections between factors barely discernible by a human and have a high intensity of expectation “.

Man-made consciousness frameworks, in a joint effort with business specialists “can learn and even propose changes in prescient models dependent on the conduct of the information it dissects” .

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Despite the part being sold, man-made brainpower adds to benefiting as much as possible from the advanced channel , which is the reason it tends to be applied to all organizations as it straightforwardly influences client insight and client experience.

Likewise, artificial intelligence adds value to the data that companies collect regarding customers and their behavior on the web or app. Thus, artificial intelligence helps to carry out segmentation, thus being able to offer a better customer experience.


Artificial intelligence techniques look for correlation between the different profiles analyzed, which allows multiplying the ability to hit the recommendations offered to users who visit the web. Profiles the suggestions adjusting to factors such as age, gender, purchase history or place of residence, among others.

Likewise, for customers who are not in the buying process, artificial intelligence can help detect people who, based on a profile, may be predisposed to buy certain products .

On the other hand, the profile information and the results of propensity models that it offers, can contribute to the development of proactive marketing campaigns and better oriented to the client.

Another of the virtues of artificial intelligence is that it favors next best action models, characterized by recommending which are the most successful actions to carry out with each client based on the moment and a specific objective.


Forecasting the demand for products and managing stocks is a task that generates uncertainty in the employer. The application of artificial intelligence in this regard provides more precise results and facilitates the optimization of quantities .

In this same line, the forecast of raw material purchase and logistics are also favored by artificial intelligence techniques since it allows optimizing actions such as the vehicle loading mode, the delivery order or the route to follow.

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