Top Marketing Terms That Everyone Should Know


It is very likely that it happened to you when reading a marketing report and that is why here we explain 20 marketing terms that you should know.

Basic Marketing Terms

CTA (Call to action): It is a call to action, that is, a phrase or button or link that directs users of a website to a certain site, usually to subscribe or buy a product. Currently there are also CTAs in RRSS with the aim of commenting, sharing content, following you …

KPI (Key Permormance Indicator): These are the different indicators or metrics that will help us measure the performance of the different actions and makreting strategies developed.

Marketing terms to talk about positioning

SEM (Search Engine Marketing): It is all the positioning in Google paid via Google Adwords. It is a marketing strategy based mainly on pay per click in which it positions your company’s ads on the keywords you configure.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): It is the positioning in Google (or other search engines) achieved by your own means, optimizing your website to the maximum so that your content appears organically in different Google searches related to your services / products / business…

SERP (Search Engine Result Page): It refers to the results page of when you perform a search in a search engine such as Google. Several elements may appear on that page: web search results that will appear thanks to SEO, website ads (usually in the first positions) that will be there thanks to SEM and other elements specific to each search engine, in the case of Google, photographs may appear. Google Images, products for the purchase of Google Shopping …

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Marketing terms about advertising in RRSS

ROI (Return on Investment): It is the word to define the return on investment of a marketing action, that is, the profit you have generated by selling x in a campaign divided by the total you have had to invest. It is usually expressed as a percentage.

Retargeting: Do you know all those cookies that you accept? They serve so that different brands can make advertising impacts on those products that you have seen. Where do those ads appear? In RRSS, banners in the media, on other websites …

CPC (Cost per click): It is a profitability indicator that gives you the data of how much each click has cost you in a marketing campaign (ads in Google, in RRSS …)

CPM (Cost per impression): It is a profitability indicator that gives you the number of times your ad has been shown (impressions). These types of campaigns are usually cheaper but they do not guarantee any action from the person who receives the ad. It is very useful in brand recognition or branding actions.

CPL (Cost per lead): It is a profitability indicator that measures how much money it has cost you to get each lead, that is, each data from potential customers.

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Marketing terms about your marketing strategy on your website

ORM (Online Reputation Management): It is the monitoring and analysis of the online reputation of a brand / company in order to control all negative information and act by positioning all positive information.

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization): It is the conversion rate of visitors to your website who end up taking the actions that you want them to do (download a resource, buy a product, subscribe to your newsletter.

CMS (Content Management System): It is a system to create and manage web pages in a simple way. Sure it sounds more to you if I talk about WordPress … But there are different types of CMS depending on the purpose of the website. For example, Moodle for education, blogger for blogs, Joomla or Drupal for portals …

Lead: A lead is each user who has given certain data of their own to a company and that these go on to register you so that the brand can interact with it. They are usually obtained in free valuable content to download on a website or through a landing page and the brand uses them to send valuable content and try to convert it into a customer.

Landing page: It is a sales or landing page and it is a page totally designed to convert visitors into leads. For example, the page where you subscribed to this newsletter was a landing page.

Marketing Terms on Social Media

SMO (Social Media Optimization): These are all the actions carried out on social networks to achieve the proposed marketing and communication objectives.

CM (Community Manager): He is responsible for defining the strategy in RRSS of a brand and carrying out the different actions to achieve the proposed objectives.

Marketing terms in email marketing

Open rate: In email marketing, it is the percentage of recipients who have opened our email, in reference to all the people to whom it has been sent.

CTR (Click Through Rate): It is an indicator that helps you measure the percentage of people who have opened your email and clicked on some of the links, in reference to all the people who have received it in their inbox.

SPAM: Email with low content of interest and almost always advertising that goes directly to the SPAM tray or to the trash. The reasons may be for not having permission from the subscriber to send that email, for the content of the message, for using doubtful words in the subject of the email or for containing elements that indicate that it may be dangerous, for example, images with a lot of weight.

I hope that knowing these terms helps you understand a marketing results report much better or continue reading that book on marketing that you abandoned because you were lost among all the anglicism, acronyms and acronyms.

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