AWS Developer Certification: Creating and Deploying Applications on AWS

AWS Developer Certification

Today, cloud computing has become the hottest trend in information technology to streamline business processes and better serve customers. Every organization, however big or small, is transferring its apps, framework, and legacy systems to a cloud-based platform as it benefits the organization in several ways.

Among the top cloud-based services, AWS (Amazon Web Services) holds the lion’s share. Its certification offers various benefits and is in high demand among professionals. It is ideal for candidates acquainted with basic cloud computing courses concepts and want to expand their skill sets. Since this technology uses infinite data storage space and systems, businesses can activate it remotely.

So, if you want a good IT job and a lucrative career, get an AWS certification from a certified institution. In this article, we will discuss the importance of an AWS Developer Certification and how it can benefit your career. So, let’s begin.

Advantages of Having an AWS Developer Certification:

AWS has become the champion in cloud computing due to its cutting-edge structures’ offerings. Since organizations are adopting this technology to enhance agility, it has become essential for job seekers to learn how having the AWS Developer Certification can benefit their careers which we will discuss here.

Hands-on Exposure to Core AWS Services

Having an AWS Developer Certification from a certified institution like Simplilearn and sufficient training can help a developer get hands-on exposure to core AWS services. Coached lectures, videos, lab training, and impromptu quizzes facilitate it. Developers also get training in computing and storage fundamentals, architecture, and the most helpful security methods to pass the AWS developer examination with flying colors.

Become an Asset to Any Organization

Getting an AWS Developer credential helps job seekers achieve career advancement in cloud computing. This is so because this IT certificate provides an additional benefit during the recruitment procedure to help a candidate become an asset to any organization. If you maintain an AWS-certified profile, you will stand out from the non-certified candidates and recruiters will give you preference.

Organizations also prefer recruiting an AWS-certified employee because it indicates their dedication to the cloud business. It signals that the candidate is acquainted with the knows and hows of the cloud computing industry and hopes to enhance their education. Since the job seeker has already put significant time and effort into acquiring the certificate, it indicates a commitment to the field and career advancement.

Identify the Appropriate AWS Architecture

Another significant advantage of possessing a developer credential is the capability to identify the ideal AWS architecture and understand how to design, develop, and set up optimum cloud solutions. It offers job seekers a competitive edge over competitors with similar backgrounds and career flexibility in the cloud computing domain.

If the learners know AWS, the Developer course will assist them in identifying and deploying better approaches for cloud deployment. It will allow them to establish and maintain various AWS applications.

Chances of Earning a Higher Income

Receiving the AWS Developer Certificate will let candidates leverage best practices surrounding advanced cloud-based solutions and shift the existing workloads to the cloud. It indirectly indicates a significant rise in annual income and prospects for career advancement. However, obtaining the certificate alone is not sufficient. Candidates must consider other factors, such as skills, experience, and geographic location, to expect a greater payout.

AWS Developer Certificate will help learners become competent in Amazon cloud services and improve their cloud computing skills.

What is Incorporated in the AWS Developer Certificate Program?

The AWS Developer module offers IT learners an overview of various AWS services. The students of this program are given hands-on education and training in core AWS construction and primary functions.

This certificate helps the students become proficient at developing, setting up, and debugging serverless cloud applications. Job seekers can sign up for a program from Simplilearn to understand how to lay out, plan, and scale AWS performances using numerous cloud computing services. The best thing about their training method is it is associated with the recent examination patterns that feature the finest Amazon-designated operations.

Here are some pre-requisites to undertake the AWS Developer Certificate exam:

  • Knowledge of one high-level programming language – (PHP, Python, or Ruby) is helpful.
  • Comprehending the finest ways to manage the application lifecycle.
  • Knowledge of command-line interface (CLI) and software development toolkit (SDK).
  • An undergraduate certificate or high school credential.
  • Prior knowledge in performing with AWS or any other cloud computing program.

Wrapping Up!

We hope now you understand the role of having the AWS Developer Certification in advancing your career prospects out of the tons of certifications out there. Since all the prominent firms are operating on AWS, it is time to take advantage of this prospect and become a certified AWS developer. Once you become certified, nothing can stop you from building a rewarding career.

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