Why Do Developers Choose Shopify For eCommerce Business Startups?


Ever since the internet was introduced to mankind, trade and commerce have grown exponentially. 

Seeing the surge in the trade over eCommerce platforms businessmen are taking their businesses online. 

While many platforms assist you with eCommerce development functions, but nothing works like Shopify as the platforms assist you with numerous functions which is the reason why developers prefer using the platform and hire a Shopify developer to assist them.

Below we have mentioned some of the few reasons why developers are choosing Shopify for eCommerce business startups.

Provides inbuilt Marketing tools

Shopify development comes with integrated marketing tools, unlike other development platforms.

These tools help you to add page titles, unique URLs, meta titles, and descriptions. You can also make pages visible and hidden whenever required.

With these built-in marketing features, the visibility of your online store can be optimized to reduce operation costs, increase your leads, conversion rate, customer base, and profit margins.

If you are the one who doesn’t wanna get involved with much of the technical stuff, you can hire a Shopify Developer.

Hosted Solution

Being able to build a startup and nurture it and managing your online store are two different things.

But when you use Shopify your work get much easier as it assists you with a variety of hosting options to choose from.

With the cloud-based Ecommerce store development, platform use rest assured as with the platform your data is safe and secure.

Again when you hire a Shopfiy developer your work can get much easier.

Furthermore, if you want to access your Shopify store on another device from the one used to build, host, and launch your online store, you will not need to set up a new device.


Excellent Technical Support

The reason why Shopify is a more preferred eCommerce development platform is because of their technical support. 

They provide businesses and all of the hire Shopify developers with needed technical support service 24/7 hours.

The Shopify support team is available to startup business owners and developers via email, phone, live chat, or a ticketing system after submitting an inquiry form.

The technical service support of Shopify is very responsive and quick to resolve glitches, bugs, or any other reported issue with an online store.

Security and Speed

Shopify platform provides the developers and owners of eCommerce stores with speed and security.

E-commerce sites need fast loading times which is why speed is considered to be an important factor as it has a direct impact on sales.

Furthermore, Shopify offers excellent payment provider security. To ensure that outsiders can’t hack into online retailers’ backends, the platform uses advanced firewalls and 128-bit SSL encryption.

A Shopify store’s pages and features open without lag time, so visitors do not have to worry about waiting. In addition to being a great marketing tool, fast retail stores increase customer conversions, customer retention, and profit margins.

Advanced Functions

Through Shopify, developers can easily and conveniently customize your online store to meet your needs.

Shopify provides advanced developer tools that a skilled Shopify Developer can use to design a unique startup eCommerce store.

The platform offers various plugins that can be downloaded, installed, and customized to your taste and preferences.

For a complete developer and user experience, Shopify also offers business reporting and inventory management.

Ending Note

Shopify is indeed a good eCommerce development platform and it is for all those who are either new to getting started with doing business online or whether they were already doing their business while using some other eCommerce platform and now they are willing to switch to Shopify.

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