What Is Backwards 3 & How to Type “Ɛ” Symbol?

What Is Backwards 3

A Backwards 3 is the symbol which is exactly opposite to the digital number 3 which looks like “Ɛ”. Normally in keyboards or mobile phones there is no separate option to type backward 3 symbols. That is what many people do not know how to create that symbol in texting and also in document writing in MS Office.

Today here in our article let us see how to type this backwards 3 symbol in your devices and where to use this symbol.

What Exactly is Backwards 3?

Backward 3 which is shown with the symbol “Ɛ” is also called as reversed 3, inverted 3 or flipped 3. This symbol is also called an epsilon which represents the closest number to zero. But it is challenging to define for anyone about Backwards 3 because of its changing nature.

The symbol “Ɛ” is mostly used in social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and snapchat. This is used in the place of alphabet E. although alphabet E is completely different for the epsilon symbol, people will use it to be unique in their profiles. This is mainly used by the people in their text messages to create heart symbols.

Today let us discuss how to type this Backwards 3 symbol in our computer, iPhone and android devices.

Different Types To Write Backwards 3

There are many types to write the backwards 3 symbol in our devices. You have to use these methods according to your requirements and what device you are using.

Method 1: Copy and Paste

It is a very simple one. Here you need not to do anything to create and make the Backwards 3 symbol “Ɛ”. You can just copy and paste wherever you require. You can do it from our article and use the symbol freely.

Method 2: Using Alt-code

This method is very useful if you want to crate the “Ɛ” symbol on your PC. you can follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open the Microsoft word or Microsoft excel in your computer
  • Type 0190 in word or office.
  • After entering the number now you have to press ALT+X
  • This will make your code into Backwards 3.

Method 3: Insertion Method

In Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint there is also an option to include the “Ɛ” symbol directly.

  • First open the Excel or word.
  • Now click on the insert option.
  • After that you can see the symbol option in the top right corner.
  • Click on it. If you find the symbol insert it if you do not find it then click on more symbols options so that you can find it.

In google documents also we can insert the backwards symbol directly. You need to follow the below steps

  • Open the google doc.
  • Now click on the insert option in the menu.
  • Then select the special characters option.
  • After clicking on that you can see a pop up with a lot of symbols. Select the “Ɛ” from that list.

How to Type Backwards 3 on iphone, android phone and computer?

For android and iOS devices there is no special feature where the backwards symbol can enter directly in the text. We have to simply copy and paste from another place. That’s the only way to get “Ɛ” symbol. But in computers you can use the method 2 and method 3 that we mentioned in our article.


Nowadays generation z is creating and using many symbols like backwards 3 in texting and other places. There are also some online tools like Spell Backwards, Backwards Text Generators and Upside Down Text where we can create various types of text symbols and use them in texting in our social media channels. If you know any more methods to create the symbol “Ɛ” you can openly say it in comments. If we like those methods we can add them into our article.

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