Technology Trends [2021]: Beyond Marketing Takes Customer Interaction To A New Level

Beyond Marketing

The current report “TechTrends 2021” shows which disruptive technologies will change the business world the most in the next two years. One of these trends: Personalized, contextual, and dynamic end-to-end experiences for individual customers.

There is no shortage of new buzzwords in the “ TechTrends 2021 ” report by the consulting firm Deloitte, which was published for the 10th time this year: AI-fueled organizations, intelligent interfaces, experiential marketing, serverless computing, advanced connectivity or DevSecOps are just a few examples of this.
But today I don’t want to deal with the question of how artificial intelligence can become an integral part of corporate strategy? Still with the trend towards “serverless computing”, in which the cloud providers automatically assign computing power and storage to the companies according to their needs.

New Forms Of Interaction Arise

Instead, my topic is intelligent user interfaces and “marketing beyond marketing”, each of which has its own section dedicated to the study. Since the invention of the computer mouse, more and more ergonomic user interfaces have emerged. Even if touchscreens are the current peak of this development, there will be many more new possibilities in this area in the future, according to Deloitte.

The trend is moving away from the “glass” of monitors and towards the legibility of gestures, looks, or head movements. ” Completely new forms of interaction and use cases are possible thanks to new interfaces, ” the report says. The exact offline tracking of customer wishes and behavior makes a much finer structured knowledge about preferences and habits accessible, there are hardly any limits to the imagination.

Examples of this? For example, new sensory technologies enable dynamic olfactory marketing through the targeted use of scents and smells. In addition, “micro-personalization” is already within reach thanks to sensors and apps. Body data such as the stress level could be evaluated and used for useful services – from lifestyle to healthcare.

And here we come full circle to “marketing beyond marketing”. The data-driven “Beyond Marketing” – further buzzwords here are “Experience Management” and “Experiential Marketing” – is based, according to the Deloitte report, on much more precise and relevant customer data that can be obtained through the intelligent user interfaces.

To Meet Customer Requirements Even Better

“ As a result, the new world of marketing is personalized, contextualized, and dynamic, ” writes the authors. It is not about manipulating the customer, but rather about accommodating their authentic wishes. ” A more emotional, more human approach and a perfectly tailored customer experience are possible, even in the shop, ” the study reads. This is also urgently needed, because thanks to numerous digital options, customers are now known to be “ more king than ever ”.

For Beyond Marketing, three aspects are particularly important – the “three Ds”: data, decisioning, delivery. Data is the obvious foundation of the approach. Advanced algorithms provide situationally appropriate decisions on messages, actions, notices, and even dynamic pricing. Finally, the “delivery”, the transmission of the message via media technology, is consistent and dynamic at the same time, across the channels from e-mail to the customer portal, from the app to the call center.

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