Difference In Online and Offline Marketing

Online and Offline Marketing

Online and offline marketing, which is better? The answer is simple: count on both for your marketing strategy in order to achieve success in your project.

If you have doubts between online and offline marketing or think that traditional marketing has died because of digital development, it is not like that. You should analyze your business to assess what may be interesting without discriminating any marketing action

What is offline marketing?

Offline or direct marketing is communication actions that are developed through traditional channels: radio, television, press, events, mailings,

What is online marketing?

On the contrary, online or digital marketing is all the advertising strategies and actions that are carried out on the internet channels and media.

Differences between online and offline marketing

If you look at digital marketing, its great advantage is the advertising cost that has no comparison with traditional marketing. On the other hand, the ability to measure anything is spectacular, in addition to facilitating two-way communication.

With respect to traditional marketing, it will be a great ally to improve our brand image, having the possibility of developing more popular actions and therefore more crowded

Offline marketing actions

You have many options depending on your goal, leaning on your creativity. Let’s see the most common

Press, radio, and television

If you are an entrepreneur or have an SME and your budget is not excessive, you can count on guides, newspapers, and local radio stations to make yourself known in your area of ​​action. On the other hand, if the investment is not a problem, you could reach an entire country

Commercial activities

In this case, you can boost your business through your sales team with cold door visits. Putting a face on your business will always be a plus to convey confidence.

If your product or service is very popular, it will be a good choice because you will be able to reach many potential customers in a short time. Choose a commercial or industrial area, depending on your activity, and try to collect personal or business data to maintain contact.

Fairs and Events

By organizing events, you will have the possibility of increasing the branding of your project in order to promote your services or products.

If you don’t have a budget, you can prepare small events such as networking talks and it will always be positive to be seen as an assistant to meet people and exchange cards.


It consists of sending commercial information through ordinary mail but the cost is usually not economical for the preparation of the shipment and its biggest problem is the filters that may exist so that your flyer reaches its objective.

Promotion at the point of sale and Street Marketing

If you organize promotions in stores or shopping centers, your potential client will have the possibility to test your product or have the option of making demonstrations to communicate its benefits.


The phone capture customer could compare with online marketing because it is economical, direct, and measurable. The success of the campaign will depend on the database related to our target audience, using a good telemarketing script to be effective.

Online marketing actions

You must create a website or online store to have an online presence, in addition to having profiles on social networks. The options are endless, we value the most popular

SEO positioning

The SEO will help you move up in the ranking of Google without paying. It is a constant work that can take longer if your niche has a lot of competition but it is worth it to achieve visibility among your target audience.

SEM positioning

The objective is the same as SEO positioning but paying Google. In many cases, the investment is very expensive but in some sectors it is affordable, so it is a good formula to attract new clients through internet ad campaigns.

Social media and ad campaigns

They will allow you to improve your brand image, being an excellent communication channel for your business. If you want to increase sales, you can have ad campaigns on social networks

Email marketing

The objective is the same as in mailing campaigns in traditional marketing but through email. It is great to retain customers through newsletters informing your subscribers of offers and news


If you sell products, you will have the possibility to sell them on their platform to everyone. Add them in different languages, optimize your product sheets for SEO positioning, take care of your reputation and you will achieve relevance on the platform little by little.


First of all, you must take care of your brand image to look at your competition feeling competitive. If you do not master your service, your products have a high price or perhaps the customer service is not adequate, it would be more successful to improve these deficiencies for later, launching yourself to organize your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing is excellent but you must analyze what can be more effective in your business without neglecting the traditional one.

Finally, if you do not have an online store, generally who will close your sales will be your sales team, so you should never neglect the offline marketing of your project.

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