The Top 100 Companies, Such As Visa, PayPal & Co., Rely On New Technologies Such As Blockchain & NFTs.


The change in digitization is omnipresent. What was once science fiction has now become a reality in many ways. Today’s blog post deals with crypto services, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs and their opportunities for countries, companies, and users. We also give an insight into the current top 100 companies worldwide and their plans.

Businesses In Transition – Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, And NFTs

In our blog post ” Blockchain success: Blockchain technology on the rise, “we have explained the basic information about the technology in more detail and also shown the ” advantages and disadvantages of blockchain technology. ” The general interest in new technology for companies has been known for years. Since then, some companies and sectors have not only expressed interest in blockchain technology but are actively trading and using it in their everyday lives and benefiting from the positive effects, including the possibilities of the so-called NFTs and title deeds for digital objects.

Top 100 Companies In The World: Blockchain Technology For Institutional Users

The USA is the land of endless possibilities, where new technologies are used early in everyday life. It is, therefore, not surprising that most of the top 100 companies in the world headquartered in the USA (about 63 percent) are already using blockchain technology. About twelve percent of the world’s top 100 companies are based in Hong Kong or mainland China.

As with all ventures, not all top 100 companies use blockchain technology. 86 of the 100 companies are actively pursuing blockchain-related solutions for their business needs. And again, only 44 of the 86 companies have actively pursued blockchain strategies over the past 12 months. The technology, media, and telecommunications sectors deserve special mention. In the past year, this has developed into the leading investor in blockchain technology (16 companies). Consumer and retail trade, basic materials, and industrial products ranked second among investors, with 9 companies each.

Pay With Cryptocurrencies: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, And American Express.

Blockdata’s report shows that 44 of the top 100 largest companies in the world will be using blockchain technology from August 2021 to August 2022. How the companies use this technology differs significantly from one another in detail.

Buy, Hold, Sell & Transfer Cryptocurrencies To External Wallets With PayPal.

PayPal has implemented a payment service on its payment platform with more than 26 million merchants, where you can buy cryptocurrencies, hold them in the wallet, and sell them again if you want. In June 2022, PayPal allowed cryptocurrencies to be transferred from PayPal to other external wallets.

Crypto Credit Cards From Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

Mastercard is known as one of the major credit card providers. In April 2022, Mastercard launched its crypto-powered payment card. In January 2022, Mastercard entered into an NFT payments deal with the crypto platform Coinbase. Partnerships like this will allow Coinbase customers to use Mastercard credit and debit cards to make purchases in crypto on the company’s forthcoming NFT marketplace.

In late 2022, American Express plans to launch its custom-built crypto rewards credit card on its network. The company has partnered with a crypto asset manager, Abra, and will process transactions in USD. They also offer crypto cashback for any purchase category and amount.

In June 2022, Visa partnered with several fintech startups in Latin American countries to launch a line of crypto-enabled credit cards.

Conclusion: Outlook Into The Future

44 of the top 100 world companies will continue to consistently rely on blockchain technology solutions in the future to demonstrate the announced project. They consciously use the opportunity and the potential of blockchain technology.

On the contrary, some companies are closing their projects related to blockchain technology. Microsoft, for example, has been working with blockchain technology since 2015 and has developed various products and services. However, last year Microsoft shut down its Azure blockchain service. UnitedHealth Group also partnered with Humana in 2018 to develop a blockchain technology pilot in collaboration with MultiPlan and Quest Diagnostics to enable data sharing between healthcare organizations and streamline administration. However, the project has since been shut down. However, the decommissioning or closure of the projects mentioned does not necessarily mean that the organizations have wholly said goodbye to blockchain technology. Instead, it can be assumed that a more advanced version with a new blockchain approach has been found, which the company is pursuing and developing further.

All in all, blockchain technology, with its cryptocurrencies and NFTs, is still a comparatively new technology that is finding more and more enthusiasts. It is already influencing many industries and could soon be involved in all marketplaces (sometimes even subconsciously).

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