Business 101: A Guide to Making a Great Impression


Why is it that some people can grasp the attention of a room with what appears to be little to no effort whatsoever? Is it their posture? Their tone? Maybe it’s their choice of attire. In many ways, it’s their ability to make an impression that lasts, one that draws the eye of intrigue and speaks volumes in its concision.
Thankfully, this can be learned, and with a little practice and attention to detail, you too will be well on the way to mastering the enigmatic concept of the first impression.

Why is it Important?

In business, you are often representing a brand, and a good first impression can evoke a sense of quality and authenticity regarding what it is that said brand has to offer. Moreover, it can provide solid foundations on which to build effective working relationships between colleagues, customers, and competitors alike.

Personal Branding

Promoting yourself is essentially the act of personal branding, creating an image for yourself that evokes your best qualities and portrays what you wish to say. It helps to set yourself apart from others, an important factor when it comes to making good impressions.

This pertains to every form of communication you might need to explore, and in the age of remote working, practicing professionalism in your emails is perhaps more crucial than ever.

A great way to make your emails come across as more authentic while simultaneously selling your personal brand is to create a superb email signature, one that shows off your sophistication and gives recipients an extra level of insight and interactivity. You might want to check out if you need some expert help in selecting the best signature for you and your team.

Research is a Must

Even if you possess the gift of the gab, preparing yourself for meeting new people by doing your research can ensure you have some info to fall back on. This can add value to your meeting, give yourself some relevant talking points and show people that you respect them enough to find out about them.


Respectfulness works best when you respect yourself and adhere to your own set of personal standards, a set that should not be infringed upon by negative external influences. By bearing this in mind, you may be able to carry yourself with increased confidence, special something, a spring in the step that leaves an inspiring first impression for all those you come across.


The initial greeting is, in many ways, the cornerstone example of the first impression test. By being polite, available to listen, and approachable, you can create the space for open and effective dialogue.
Although politeness is, in a sense, free, it can still be difficult to adopt a positive, easy-going attitude at the end of a long day. In this regard, it is important to remember that those you meet for the first time will likely know nothing of your long day, so keeping up your own standards is important, and you can always complain about them later if needs be.

Be Yourself!

Sometimes, people can underestimate the value of simply being themselves, because after all, that is the best way to be truly genuine.

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