Boost Your Turnover With A Mobile Application


93% of people have a mobile, 71% a smartphone, 41% a tablet. Starting from this fact, mobile navigation is the inevitable trend of recent years and has experienced exceptional growth since 2006.
As a result of this development, more and more companies are redefining their mobile digital strategy internally. Consequently, these companies have a real stake in managing to juggle mobile applications to improve their processes.


From the company to the employees

The mobile application can be used as an internal communication tool and thus represents an essential tool for the company’s proper functioning, especially when the team is mobile.

Indeed, it can be challenging to successfully transmit information simultaneously to several employees, especially if they are traveling (in a meeting or on a construction site, for example).

In this case, the mobile application constitutes a platform that makes information more accessible, faster and even strengthens employee engagement.

In addition, used as an internal communication tool, it contributes to a better organization of the company and contributes to the development and improvement of mutual aid and group cohesion. Everyone feels more concerned, solicited, and shared objectives are sources of motivation.

But also from employees to the company.

Imagine that within the same company, several agents work on the same project. If ideas and note-taking are not shared, we are witnessing a loss of information.

However, now imagine that all employees work on the same mobile application. Information is thus more easily shared and notes sent to the company, which saves time and productivity.

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External Communication

The mobile application also represents for your company a new communication channel intended for the user. In reality, the mobile application is aimed at a previously well-targeted audience, therefore receptive to the messages or products presented—no more big advertising campaigns at confusing prices, no more emails that nobody opens.

Today you have a tool that allows you to combine all your external communication efforts in a single platform. The mobile application represents direct contact with the user and allows personalized and customizable messages to be sent.

In this way, it contributes to the loyalty of your customers while reducing your communication costs. Indeed, there is no need to talk about your events or your promotions, you need to send a push notification, and your customer will be informed.

The mobile app also allows you to convey a modern and innovative brand image which can only encourage your users to join.
And then think well that a company that can be contacted quickly and efficiently is always pleasant!

International Presence

Setting up in the international sector becomes almost child’s play with your app. Due to its accessibility in all places, the application offers a considerable advantage to your company.

So you do not need to open a branch of your company in another country to make yourself known.

It is only necessary that your application meets needs with which a maximum of people can identify, then play on the promotion of this one.

Examples of companies that have found a real advantage thanks to their mobile application:


  • An application for a delivery system.
  • The mobile application complements the activity of this chain while bringing new customers.
  • It is an application that allows you to do your shopping from home and have it delivered afterward.
  • On the application, you can also find all the information related to the store and easily manage your shopping lists.
  • By offering this mobile application, Carrefour has shown its modernity and made itself even more accessible.


  • An application that allows family members to film themselves telling a story to their little ones, who will be able to watch the videos themselves an unlimited number of times.
  • The goal of the platform was to create certain proximity between relatives who are physically distant.
  • Initially, StoryEnjoy was only present through its website.
  • It was only later that the company chose to develop its mobile application, intending to facilitate the process.
  • Indeed, the application simplifies access to the tool, and videos can now be shot directly on the smartphone at any time and any place.

Half of the pasta

  • A fast-food chain.
  • The mobile application allows the chain to be more easily located thanks to a localization system that makes it possible to identify the closest restaurants, receive push notifications, and order remotely (directly on the application).
  • The application, therefore, allows the MezzoDiPasta to offer itself greater visibility and most certainly to increase its sales.

How Mobile Apps Manage To Intrude And Serve Every Industry

Whether you are in the field of health, facilitating contact with the patient, catering, being geographically identifiable, increasing reservations for events, promoting your circumstances, or in any other line of business, you will find benefits associated with using a mobile application.

Mobile apps all have goals that all business areas share:

  • improve the relationship with the customer
  • increase sales, income, or brand awareness of a business
  • additional cost reduction (communication, for example)

It is these common points that allow applications to adapt and satisfy each sector of activity.

Ultimately, an app can only be good for your business. Improving its productivity, communication, international dimension, and relationship with the customer are objective examples that can be achieved through using a mobile application.

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