Business Energy Usage: How to Make it Cheaper and Greener


In business, there’s always the drive to keep costs low. Making your firm operate with the lowest possible overheads means maximizing your profits and running a streamlined, highly competi-tive company. But in 2021, a new factor is becoming increasingly important for your company’s self-image and reputation among clients and customers: your green credentials. In this article, we’ll look at how to make your energy use cheaper and greener, saving you cash while impress-ing those who work and trade with you.

Reduce Waste

Clearly, the most effective way to address green concerns and to reduce your energy bills is to ensure you’re wasting as little energy as possible as a business. Now, this can mean many things to different types of business, but as a rule, you can:

  • Ensure machines are switched off when they’re not in use and switch to standby mode quickly
  • Purchase less energy-intensive devices that require less charging and energy use
  • Ensure lights and other energy-guzzling utilities are used responsibly and sparingly
  • Train your employees on how to use less electricity as they go about their day-to-day work

There will also be more tips specific to your company – so brainstorm with your executives about how to continue bringing your energy use down over time.

Reduce Fees

The fees you pay for your energy will likely be arranged on a sliding scale depending on your use. If you use less electricity, you should pay less per month for its use. But there are other ways to reduce these fees. For instance, you can negotiate with your current supplier to bring down your monthly bill. Or, skip the negotiation process by using a business energy price comparison website, which can save you up to 45% on what you’re currently paying.

Meanwhile, you can approach this issue from a different perspective altogether. If you can install solar panels or a wind turbine on the roof of your office or facility, you may, over time, be able to use less electricity from the grid instead of generating a portion of your energy requirements from renewable sources. This, of course, goes some way to boost your green credentials.

Better Suppliers

Some energy suppliers are greener than others and, as we’ve seen with the price comparison website, some are cheaper too. Whether the greenest suppliers are also the cheapest will depend on your local energy market – but it’s clear that, with tariffs and taxes placed on fossil fuel firms and subsidies and incentives offered to renewable energy firms, the cheapest energy supplier will soon be the greenest, too.

You can anticipate this trend by working with a green energy supplier in your locality. Do your research to find those firms taking active steps to go carbon neutral, divesting in fossil fuels to generate their electricity from renewable sources. Your willingness to pay a premium for green energy will endear you to eco-conscious shareholders and customers and will put you ahead of the pack as the energy sector transforms within this decade.

Make your energy use greener and cheaper with these three simple tips.

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