What Is Endomarketing And How Is It Applied In The Company?


Have you heard of endomarketing? Also known as internal marketing, it is becoming a more and more critical factor for companies.

Focused on improving the employee experience, endomarketing uses marketing tools towards workers themselves and not towards customers.

We are facing an activity that arises from the synergy between the marketing and human resources departments. And is that most of the actions to improve employee satisfaction and their commitment to the company come from the latter department.

What Is Endomarketing?

The objective of endomarketing is to improve the commitment of workers to the company. More remarkable results are obtained with greater motivation: commitment increases, rotation decreases, and qualified talent are attracted.

In the strategies carried out, it is possible to focus on improving the relationship and the internal well-being of the workers and the company’s collaborators.

It is about working for all those who create the final product or service for the customer. The underlying idea is to improve commitment to the goals and objectives of the company, making them feel like theirs.

To achieve this, the worker must be perceived as a potential internal customer . Having workers who feel good about the company and the services and products will be much easier for the external customer to have a favorable opinion.

In this sense, the idea is that there are not very marked hierarchies within the internal communication and that this is bidirectional. It will be easier for coordinated and integrated workers to offer their ideas or spread them.

In short, endomarketing tries to retain your human resource.

Advantages of Endomarketing in Your Company

These are the main benefits of doing endomarketing in your company:

Increased Motivation

Motivation is essential in the company. Having employees who go to work every day with enthusiasm, who feel like doing things and contributing is a great advantage whatever the scope of the company’s activity and its role.

The endomarketing generates that extra motivation that is always necessary to excel and achieve success.

Productivity Improvement

The higher the motivation, the higher the productivity. It has been repeatedly shown that companies with too much pressure or a lousy work environment suffer from productivity.

However, those who do endomarketing and care about their employees’ well-being achieve much higher results. Investing in this aspect is as important as investing in machinery or human capital. If we do it well, it will pay off in the medium term.

Lower Employee Turnover

Another underlying advantage of endomarketing is achieving a lower staff turnover rate. When workers feel more identified with the company and are more comfortable with it, it is more difficult to seek other job opportunities actively.

Investing in endomarketing means savings in investment in training a new employee by keeping them for longer and not having to explain processes, training, etc …

Greater Loyalty and Commitment

Loyalty and commitment to the company are also crucial both for employees and collaborators.

For this reason, endomarketing strategies must also be aimed at them. The greater loyalty and commitment there is, the more likely it is that a more significant effort can be counted on to get ahead in adverse circumstances.

Better and Healthier Organizational Climate 

The organizational climate directly affects the performance of the team. As soon as the company commits to the quality of work, both the processes and the flow of activities improve significantly.

This supposes an improvement not only in the results of the company and in the achievement of objectives but also in how it is perceived from within it.

More information: What is a healthy company, and what benefits does it have?

Higher well-being 

Working always ends up being stressful. It is also the task of endomarketing to find a way to promote better occupational health to have better mental health on the part of the team.

In this way, not only are casualties avoided, but stress is reduced, and productivity is improved.


How to Implement an Endomarketing Plan?

To implement an endomarketing plan in the company, you have to follow four different steps. The first thing is to define who is going to be in charge of it.

In large multinationals, there are complete internal marketing or communication departments in charge of them. However, it is usually a joint work of human resources with marketing in small and medium-sized companies.

Once those responsible have been established, it is necessary to analyze the internal and external elements, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, set an endomarketing plan, and, later, measure the results.

Analysis of External Elements

This is usually the most common mistake when it comes to internal marketing. A company is not sealed and closed compartment without external influences, but quite the opposite.

Therefore, the first step is to analyze what is happening in our sector. It is essential to know what salaries other companies pay, the employee benefits if they have flexible compensation and other similar aspects.

It is easy to understand that if there are many job opportunities in our sector, we are not those who pay the most or offer the most additional benefits. It will take a more significant effort to retain talent and identify with the company.

If not, it will be easier to take pride in our internal marketing actions.

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses of The Company.

As important as being clear about what happens outside the company is to know what is happening inside. Are the employees satisfied? What are they missing? What are our added value points?

In this regard, employee satisfaction surveys are our main allies to keep in mind what is happening. Remember that they must be anonymous, and there should be no retaliation if the results are not as expected.

Just as important as identifying weaknesses is knowing what we are doing well.

On many occasions, there are internal marketing actions that do not require even an outlay of money. On the contrary, it can bring an essential return in occupational health, productivity, and motivation.

Other times it will be necessary to invest, and it will be required to calibrate if the benefits are going to compensate for the investment required. This is generally the case, but we can look at other success stories and look for the most effective ways to

Establish an Internal Marketing Plan

The endomarketing or internal marketing plan will be the documents in which objectives and measures are established to improve the weaknesses detected or improve the strengths in the company.

If, for example, we have detected that decisions are always vertical and employees do not feel that they are being taken into account, quality circles can be implemented.

If salaries are below the industry average and there is insufficient liquidity to raise them, other benefits such as teleworking, flexible hours, or flexible remuneration can be established.

If you don’t feel opportunities for improvement or are considered individually, create an employee experience map.

If the teams are not sufficiently cohesive, we can carry out team-building activities to give some examples.

Whatever the measures, the important thing is to set them as SMART objectives: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and in a whole period.

It is not about putting “create a better work environment” but, for example, improving the perception of the work environment by 30% this year. For this, the different actions or awareness-raising activities will be carried out (and break them down).

How do you measure a point like in the previous one? Well, with the employee satisfaction survey.

Measure Results and Act Accordingly

As we mentioned in the previous point, measuring the results is essential.

There is no use in making organizational and financial efforts to improve employee satisfaction if we are not monitoring its operation.

All measures must be followed to see what results they have had and, subsequently, act accordingly.

If a measure has not worked, it is necessary to check what has failed and seek to solve the problem. If it has worked, it may help us to hit the key for further measurements.

It is also important not to rest on your laurels. The company must continue to evolve because competitors will too, and new opportunities emerge for employees to be happy and motivated.

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