Can Playing Video Games Actually Help My Mental Health


This is probably a question every passionate gamer asks when once in a while, they get a notification from their guilty conscience about the time consumed with the console.

However, as a representation of the mental health society, we wouldn’t exactly condone the idea of playing video games night and day. But, there is good news for you.

Yes, you can help your mental health by playing some of your favorite games.

Video games are not all bad sometimes, they can have their own advantage, and that is exactly what we will be discussing in the excerpt below.

But, what kind of video games are we talking about?

Not All Video Games?

Not all video games can bring you the same result. When parents tell us to minimize gameplay with a lot of violence, they are not exactly wrong. However, with today’s video game culture, almost every game will have video games, and people cannot really escape that.

Therefore, psychologists suggest that you play a game that has less to do with violence and more with the problem-solving storyline. Something that will keep you hooked and give you a presence of mind.

Some games with storylines have plots that will need a strong problem-solving capacity; these are some of the games in which we would suggest you invest your time.

Where To Find These Games

Sometimes these storyline games could be very expensive to purchase, and you wouldn’t want to exhaust all your salary on video games just because they promised to help your mental health; you would rather go to therapy for that.

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Games & Mental Health

Playing the right video game can actually help you in cognitive development and essentially help you make better decisions in a real-life setting.

1. Stimulate Your Brain Up

You might have noticed that after a day of constant boredom and zero productivity, your mind kind of shuts off. You are not able to manage simple problems and concoct solutions. Maybe you just need something to stimulate your brain again.

Just one round and the problems you solve as a character in virtual reality will automatically fire your neurons.

2. Wakefulness

Are you feeling sleepy? Are you unable to keep your eyes open while studying, and you are in desperate need of a power break? Some might tell you to take a nap to take the edge off, but do you know playing one round of video games is actually more effective.

Rather than depending on coffee or other such questionable refreshments. How about you get your console and play one round. The instant adrenaline rush will give you the pump and wakefulness to get back to your work again.

3. Mental Resilience

We will often find ourselves having a breakdown in very tough situations. Some do it openly; some do it in the confines of their four walls alone. No, playing games won’t make you inhuman, but psychologists say that it will give you better emotional resilience.

It will assist you in getting a grasp on your emotions and, eventually, give you a better problem-solving capacity.

4. Great Distraction

Yes, it is a great distraction from some mental health issues. Especially people who suffer from anxiety and find themselves almost panicking can start playing video games to immediately distract their minds.

Playing games is also a great way to help people deal with certain mental conditions like PTSD and ADHD because you are concentrating on one thing for an hour or two without the need to distract.

5. Better Social Interaction

Yes, you are more likely to have better social interaction if you indulge in live video games. Someone with social anxiety can always talk to other gamers. Because they are not seeing them, neither are they meeting them.

One benefit would be helping patients with social anxiety understand how to interact outside by taking cues from their games.

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