The Infinite Possibilities of The Metaverse Worlds


The Metaverse is considered one of the most important future trends. The digital space without inner borders should make it possible to spend time with other people in the virtual world, learn, act, and play.

Unlike the conventional Internet, which you as a user only consume, in the Metaverse, you become part of a virtual world in which you can move freely. There are hardly any limits to its use.

What Is The Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the vision of a shared online world in which the real and virtual worlds merge. It combines virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) aspects.

Users create their own digital identities, so-called avatars, to visit the Metaverse, meet friends, shop, play, work, or study.

Like the real world, the Metaverse cannot be ended or paused, and all events occur in real-time.

Actions in the Metaverse are linked to activities in the analog world. As a result, the lines between objective and digital reality are becoming increasingly blurred.

The big tech giants have long since recognized that the Metaverse has enormous future potential. For this reason, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook also underwent a rebranding process and is now called Meta.

Decentralization And The Blockchain

But the Metaverse will not only be claimed and controlled by Facebook or other big technology companies like Google or Amazon because one of the critical properties is decentralization.

Unlike in Web 2.0. so there are no centralized platforms, and this means that basically anyone can create a new world or room in this Metaverse. Digital meetings and interactions take place virtually peer-to-peer, without any middleman.

This decentralization is already known in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies. Here, too, the so-called blockchain is used, via which people can interact, communicate and trade directly with each other. So no bank or state intervenes.

Meta is not the only company concentrating on the future Metaverse model. More than $4 billion was invested in start-up companies working to develop the technological infrastructure of the Metaverse in October 2021 alone. And that’s just the beginning because the possibilities are endless.

What Can The Metaverse Be Used For?

Gambling In The Metaverse

Cities like Las Vegas and Macau show that casinos are closely related to live entertainment, light, and luxury. But if you don’t have the time and leisure to visit an analog casino, then the online casino is usually the next best choice. After all, the Internet offers a massive range of games and information, from high-stakes poker tournaments to more straightforward explanations of blackjack rules, so even beginners can try their luck.

The Metaversum now combines both – the diversity of the online world and the social aspect and the splendor of the real casinos. In the Metaversum Casino, guests can interact and move freely around the room, making payments via decentralized cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

Users can sit comfortably at home while playing while their avatars move through the virtual world. One of the Metaversum platforms where it is already possible to play casino games is the 3D VR Ethereum-based Decentraland.

Once the technology has fully matured, there are no longer any limits to the possibilities of play. It can e.g., For example, real-time poker tournaments can be hosted in the most glamorous and imaginative casinos in the virtual world because casinos in the Metaverse are not subject to the rules of the analog world. The venue could, e.g., B. Mars or the bottom of the ocean.

Appointments In The Metaverse

The fact that you can find love online is no longer new. Apps like Tinder and OK Cupid have connected singles for years. But in the Metaverse, people can now meet on unique dates. The Indian start-up company Mingout invited, e.g., two loyal users who recently went on a romantic date on the moon. But it doesn’t have to be a romantic meeting. Friends can also meet in the Metaverse.

Trade and Marketing In The Metaverse

Innovative forms of customer dialogue are currently being developed in the Metaverse. Digital objects are bought with analog money. For example, users can walk digital Vans shoes for their avatar and pay for them with real money.

At the virtual concert of pop singer Zara Larsson, visitors to the merchandise stand took full advantage of dressing their avatars in T-shirts and taking selfies with the singer. Larsson earned a million dollars with it – analog money at that.

Dynamic interaction platforms are developing, which could be extremely important for brands to maintain customer relationships. These include, e.g., B. Co-creations that occur in real-time and indirect exchange and make the development process more efficient. Developments can be tested directly, and only pieces that have already been well received in the virtual world could then be produced in real life.

Education In The Metaverse

Any graphical style can be used in the Metaverse, making the environment graphic, e.g., B. in Minecraft or Fortnite, or can be displayed very realistically. Visual immersion makes learning an exceptional experience. For example, students can B. visit places of the past or safely carry out dangerous experiments virtually.

Because teachers control student interactions, bullying may also be curbed by restricting specific permissions in the virtual space.

In the future, the Metaverse could also be used for remote places in the world where one otherwise has no access to an excellent education to help people learn.

Concerts, Sporting Events, And Other Events In The Metaverse

No annoying journey, no long queues in front of the stadium, no uncomfortable seats – with the help of VR glasses, users can attend concerts, trade fairs, sporting events, and more from the comfort of their own four walls.

In February 2022, Samsung held the launch event for its new Galaxy smartphone in the “Connectivity Theater” of its virtual building Samsung 837X. However, not all technical problems were solved, so many avatars stood closed doors.

But development does not standstill. Investors recently put another $15 million into the VR concert platform AmazeVR, and the goal is to offer new concert experiences every week by 2024.

The concerts are a mixture of film and digital animation technology. A virtual reality concert tour by the American Grammy award winner and rapper Megan Thee Stallion is planned.

Fans can go to the cinemas in their city and follow the concert with VR headsets. These virtual events are still on-site concerts until the technology is mature enough to be used as an in-home streaming service.

The Metaverse is a world of unlimited possibilities. While it’s virtual, it’s also tied directly to the real world. Distance and space no longer play a role in the Metaverse, and communication and exchange occur instantly and without an intermediary.

From a poker tournament in the ocean and a date on the moon to elite education in rural areas of the world and unconstrained design creativity, once the technology behind the Metaverse’s infrastructure fully matures, the way we do both online and communicate with each other offline will be revolutionized.

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