5 Key Steps To Face Cloud Compliance Challenge


Cloud technology is becoming a key piece for many companies, due to the multiple benefits it brings. However, there are also many risks associated with these new work environments, as there are more and more security breaches in this type of corporate tools. For this reason, we identify the 6 key points to implement a guarantee Cloud Compliance program that allows dealing with cyber risks associated with the cloud.

β€œ Today, cyber-attacks are getting faster and more sophisticated, so automated tools are required to improve threat identification and improve response and repair time. This is especially necessary for new work environments such as the cloud, which stand out for their changing nature, “says Experts. β€œIn this sense, having a guarantee cloud compliance program is key to enhancing security, compliance, and control in the cloud, since it enables risk assessment and appropriate security measures to be taken,”.

“Having a guarantee cloud compliance program is key to enhancing security”

While compliance is not a guarantee of security in cloud environments, it can help take a focus on cybersecurity strategy. experts point out that the key steps to successfully implement any compliance program in the cloud are:

Gain Visibility Of Assets

Gain visibility of assets: You can only protect what you know and have. With the cloud, digitized resources are your assets, so it is essential that all systems are properly organized and adapted for their future evolution. For many companies, surveillance and control of their products is also a way to obtain more profitability. In this sense, the automation of operations in the cloud allows to inventory and configure the different elements of the products.

Choosing The Right Compliance System

Choosing the right compliance system: Compliance programs should be chosen based on the different needs of the market and the industry. For companies for which there are no specific regulatory standards, the needs of your customer base can serve as a guide for your choice, as you can search for suppliers that meet the standards appropriate to your own industry. Choosing common business rules, such as AICPA SOC2, can be a good starting point.


Monitoring, frequency of continuous evaluations, integration with workflow: Most compliance programs have controls that must be operational at all times, so it is necessary to continuously monitor them. To make meeting these requirements easier, many companies use tools that automate workflow and ensure the efficiency of their systems. This can be as simple as automating security features, for example adding or removing users, or more complex actions such as combining order processing with multi-system confirmations to ensure accuracy, privacy, and confidentiality.

Automated Repair

Automated repair: Cloud operating systems are more complex than traditional models. Highly complex controls, such as high-volume systems and vulnerability detection, are performed automatically to increase efficiency. However, it is important to be careful about automating follow-up activities, especially in the event of false positives, as this can lead to large-scale security breaches.

Reports and Audits

Reports and audits: The implementation of cloud technology must be accompanied by a system or tool that allows you to keep track of everything that happens and, therefore, generate periodic reports that allow regular performance evaluations of all the elements that are part of the cybersecurity strategy in the cloud. In this way, weak points can be analyzed and corrective measures can be worked on.
As the cloud industry grows, the effectiveness of compliance programs has been affected. Therefore, it is essential to have technological solutions that facilitate some of the challenges of cloud security.

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