Is WhatsApp Really The Best Messaging App On Android?


It is rare to find someone in World who does not use WhatsApp as the main application to send free messages, at least on Android . This app has entered our life a long time ago and is here to stay. This is demonstrated by the expectation that the recent incorporation of the dark mode to its functionalities has generated. This long-awaited ‘dark mode’ , which allows you to change the background tone of the application from white to black, has enabled the app to reach a trending topic and stay for hours on everyone’s lips.

It is not a bad time to, in the midst of so much expectation, stop to think if WhatsApp is really the best in their own business . The firm, which now belongs to Facebook , competes with others, such as Mark Zuckerberg’s own messaging app .

Comparing several studies, such as the one of the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) or the one of Digital Trends, we can discover which is really the best application for this purpose . By evaluating variables such as security, speed or ease of use, we discovered which is the best alternative to WhatsApp, which in fact, surpasses it in several aspects.

No, WhatsApp is not the best messaging app. Both in the OCU and Digital Trends, the app that has the first place is another.


While the OCU puts Telegram in fourth position, the most recent Digital Trends study positions Telegram as the first, as well as many other technological media. The growth in users that the app has been experiencing demonstrates this. Despite the fact that WhatsApp is still on the phones of many more people, Telegram grows. In this app, chat privacy is guaranteed by symmetric 256-bit AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption and Diffie-Hellman key security.

The possibility of creating chat groups with hundreds of people is also one of the best facets of this app. From the ‘basic groups’ of up to 196 people, to the so-called ‘supergroups’ where the limit goes up to 200,000 people . The application allows broadcasting , that is, transmitting video to an unlimited number of audience.

The importance that Telegram gives to privacy and security is one of the circumstances that its users value the most. The application uses both server-to-client encryption and client-to-client encryption.

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