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LinkedIn is a strategic marketing channel in B2B communication. But only those who do regular content marketing on the platform will be seen, found and build trust to be booked or sold. But how does successful content marketing on LinkedIn succeed?

Find out in this post why you should regularly display content on LinkedIn and how you can achieve success with it. Get tips on how to create successful posts that will bring you the reach you want. You learn to select topics with relevant keywords for your posts.

Why Content Marketing on LinkedIn?

You’re guaranteed to find your target group on LinkedIn! LinkedIn has 16 million members in the DACH region. B2B contacts, in particular, can be reached as it functions as a business network.

Potential customers, employees or partners will become aware of your content via LinkedIn content. In this way, you convey trust because you provide your expertise in the form of specialist articles free of charge. This will help you build your network on LinkedIn with potential customers. Your desired customers will then automatically come to you or be better addressed by you as warm contacts. So you get more leads and generate new customers and sales by posting regularly on LinkedIn.

How Does Triumphant Content Marketing Succeed?

Our customers often have the problem of not having enough human resources. Usually, one person does all of the content marketing alone. There is no strategic approach here—every time new content is created, which requires a lot of effort but fails. The person responsible for content marketing is dissatisfied, content marketing is abandoned in case of doubt.

It doesn’t have to be the case once you systematically build up your content marketing process. It would help if you had defined budgets and specify a time frame and those responsible. With marketing automation and a strategic approach, you save yourself a lot of effort and mistakes.

For your content marketing success on LinkedIn, you, therefore, need a content marketing strategy. Because effective content that is tailored to your target group and brings you leads can only be created through a strategic approach. Otherwise, your content marketing on LinkedIn is only done through sheer actionism. It would help if you had defined target groups and goals, analyzed and measured success with tools.

We are happy to help you with your content marketing strategy! This will reduce your efforts, and finally, have fun with content marketing! In the post, you will get further tips on how you can create operationally successful content.

What is The Content Shock?

Content shock is the exponential increase in online content that exceeds our limited human ability to consume media. As a result, users can no longer read the content correctly or cannot even perceive it. This reduces the reach of content creators. So invest more resources (time and money) to keep reaching your target group and attracting their attention!

You need the best content in your industry NOW! Become an indispensable part of your target group. Otherwise, someone else will do it. Therefore, regularly produce new content to stay current, relevant and the best in your niche. Alternatively, you can find a thematic place with so much relevant content that you’ll win the SEO competition anyway. However, this isn’t easy. Ultimately, it would help if you had top positioning and defined budgets and resources. That is why a strategic approach with appropriate analyzes is so essential!

What Does a Successful LinkedIn Post Need?

To avoid content shock, you need effective and engaging content!

A successful LinkedIn post needs one thing above all: your expertise. So write about something you are very familiar with and what you can pass on to your potential customers as added value. Start your LinkedIn posts with a good hook, structure your post in paragraphs and close it with a call to action! You can also use storytelling and write in the activating language to create lively stories and thus generate enthusiasm among your customers.

Finally, always use hashtags that are relevant to the topic, generate a greater reach, and underline your positioning. Whenever it suits us, we recommend including other members in a post and linking them—questions at the end of a post-work particularly well to further stimulate commitment. If you want to include a link, write it as a comment on your post.

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How do I Find a Topic For My LinkedIn Content?

We often come across the question, “Help, what should I post?” There are many different ways to find exciting and relevant topics, content and questions for your LinkedIn posts:

  1. Gathering inspiration: See what your competition is doing, what is doing well and what they are talking about and how. It stands to reason that this will work for your target audience as well. Of course, it remains essential that you still write your contributions and not copy too much. You can also gather inspiration by looking for hashtags and keywords on LinkedIn that you also use regularly.
  2. Evaluate old posts: Which posts were particularly popular with your LinkedIn followers? Always measure the success of your old posts. What can you learn from, and what can you benefit from? Use it to create your recipe for success. What can you keep doing to make a successful LinkedIn post? You can then use this recipe to only successful post posts on LinkedIn. Learn how to do it in this post: LinkedIn: How Users Can Measure Success.
  3. Use tools:  Use tools to enter one of your focus areas or services as keywords. The agency then tells you which W-questions or contexts are relevant in this regard and which are searched for on Google. We can recommend Hypersuggest for this. Here you can also filter by language and country and see the results based on the search volume.
  4. Ask Google: If you want to get quick and budget-friendly answers to your key areas, entering one of these critical areas in the Google search is worth it simply. Google tells you what people often search for in this context. This gives you an incentive about what is being asked for and what to include as keywords.
  5. Picking up on trends:  Which topics are currently relevant and fit with your positioning, your services, your priorities? As a pioneer, be the first to write about new developments or show them when you have new knowledge. This is an excellent way of showing how strong you are in the subjects and being trusted in this regard.
  6. Reactivate content: Not all posts are read by everyone at all times. So feel free to post old content again, maybe in a modified form. Also, use content that you play out in other ways (other social media, blog, whitepaper or newsletter, for example). This makes posting LinkedIn posts resource-saving and efficient.
  7. Ask your audience what they want to hear, read, and see. Content is only effective if it hits the pain of your target group! Accordingly, you should create content that is read and that covers and solves their interests and problems.

How Long Should a LinkedIn Post Be?

A post on LinkedIn can contain 1,300 characters on your private profile and the company page. Take into account that a link and an image also cost characters, and you also need space for your hashtags.

The general rule is: the flavour lies in brevity. So make the key messages and don’t bore your target group with irrelevant paraphrases. You can write links (to your website, an exciting article or a book, for example) or other statements in the comments, thus stimulating and promoting engagement.

When Should The Post be Published?

The best engagement is achieved on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. During the week, most people are active on LinkedIn and less occupied with private and leisure topics.

The times 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. work best. Then you meet the LinkedIn members in a professional context, for example, on the train ride to/from work or during the lunch break.

How Can I Learn How to Create Great Content?

In this post, you have already learned a lot about creating content for your LinkedIn network. You now know why content marketing is essential. The creation of your content and formats must be strategic so that you build your community and receive interactions that have a long-term and sustainable effect on your business goals. We have given you a few tips. You and your employees need a teaser and copywriting skills to create content. This will help you avoid the content shock and create appealing content that will resonate with your target group! We are happy to offer you individual projects, coaching, courses and seminars and train your employees with all the necessary know-how, to create compelling content for your website and social media like LinkedIn! Interesting for you?

Conclusion: Create content for LinkedIn

You must trust the topic of content marketing on LinkedIn. Use the opportunity to play out LinkedIn posts. However, remember to do this strategically and regularly to reach your dream customers and meet your business goals.

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