What Are The Types Of LinkedIn Advertising And How It Works

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LinkedIn is the largest business social network in the world with 550 million registered users and more than 200 million active monthly. If your business objective is focused on B2B, with advertising on LinkedIn you will increase your contacts, expanding the number of clients.

LinkedIn Advertising

Advertising on LinkedIn is developed on an ad platform similar to Facebook or Twitter Ads to promote your business through the social network, with the aim of getting new customers, making your brand known.

How LinkedIn Advertising Works

Linkedin values ​​two bidding methods to organize your advertising campaigns, select the most appropriate one focusing on your objective:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click): set the maximum bid you want to pay for each click on your ad.
  • CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) : In this case, you decide the cost of the ad views (1,000), omitting the number of clicks. It can be a wise option to increase your brand image.
  • Use the ad manager to control the campaign, being very intuitive . It is important to define the daily investment to avoid surprises and control advertising spending.

Types of Advertising on LinkedIn

Let’s see the options that he proposes us

Text Ads

It is the most basic proposal to start organizing your campaigns . It has an image, title and description, being able to choose several formats.

They can appear in various spaces on LinkedIn, in the right column or in the upper area of ​​the platform. 

To achieve the success of your ad campaign, use clear and precise language, with an attractive image, creating a good headline. 

Ads per message

They work in the same way as private email from linkedIn, allowing you to send messages to users . The main advantage of this option is that users receive the emails if they are active , increasing the chances of contact. Personalize the message, making the offer clear, including a call to action

Sponsored content

You have the ability to share content on your page and promote it to users in a segmented way to increase your audience . In this case, the ads will appear on all devices and on the right side of computers. 

This proposal is perfect to increase the reach, adding text ads, presentations or videos, making it the most complete option.

The video format gives us the possibility of including a call button, being active in the reproduction to get leads.

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Display ads

They offer a more attractive format than text ads, with videos, audios and large images. It is a good idea to awaken the interest of your brand in new users. 

Dynamic Ads

They are ads that are dynamically created based on the user’s activity and profile . LinkedIn will display the ads depending on the interests on the social network.

They include content and calls to action created by advertisers with dynamic images related to the user’s profile.

Suitable for getting new contacts and increasing the followers of your LinkedIn page.

How to create advertising on LinkedIn

You must have a personal profile on the platform, if you want to run a sponsored content campaign, it will be necessary to have a company page .

  • Account campaign manager: g estiona your LinkedIn advertising via the tool, you can create multiple accounts and is intuitive.
  • Select the ads: you can combine several types for a campaign, choosing the call to action: contact form or take the user to your website
  • Design the ad: take advantage of the tool that will help you assess the size of the images or content
  • Segmentation: choose the appropriate segmentation criteria to reach your target audience. LinkedIn has professional information about its users, so it is a great advantage to reach your goal: location, company, university, professional profile and skills.
  • Budget and Scheduling: Cost per click, per thousand impressions, or per open for per message ads. Don’t forget to set start and end dates for your ad campaigns, as well as turn on conversion tracking to analyze performance.

Tips for advertising on LinkedIn

Advertising on LinkedIn is a good alternative to Google advertising for selling on the Internet . For this reason, I leave you some tips to achieve success in the business social network:

  • Content optimization : with a simple message but showing your knowledge
  • Add attractive designs to your images related to your offer to capture the attention of users
  • Video ads will give you the ability to be more effective, taking advantage of your greater interaction on the social network
  • Correctly select the bids and budget adapted to your objectives
  • Segment by groups: it is a very interesting filter to reach the defined target
  • Control ROI : with conversion tracking to assess the profitability of your ad campaign.

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