COVID-19 – Tips For Teleworking Without Losing Productivity


The health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the work dynamics of many companies. Telework has been the fastest response against the spread of the virus. However, many companies have been overwhelmed by having to carry out this transition in record time. In fact, according to a report, only 14% of SMEs had a digitization plan.

But once this first challenge, the forced transition to teleworking, has been overcome, most SMEs ask themselves how to maintain productivity levels in this new work regime. And it is that despite having technology on our site, it is necessary to keep the teams coordinated and motivated.

How to Increase Productivity in Times of COVID-19

In a normal situation, the introduction of remote work would be done gradually. Still, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to adopt this model overnight, which can cause losses in work productivity. To mitigate these effects as much as possible, workers must adapt to the new system as quickly as possible. This is possible if we follow a series of guidelines:

Give Your Team The Necessary Tools

If you promote teleworking in your company, you must provide your employees with the means and computer equipment necessary to develop the activity. This is essential if we want to maintain office productivity.

Training is key to increasing performance and competitiveness. Employees must know the resources they can count on and know how to handle the different applications and work tools. To make sure that the whole team is in tune, you can carry out a follow-up, test and evaluate the tools together, get your team’s opinion, and try to solve the difficulties.

Define a Clear Schedule and Goals

To increase productivity while teleworking, it is necessary to set clear and measurable objectives. To do this, you can develop an action plan or guide that includes these objectives, their corresponding indicators, the tasks to be carried out, the steps to follow, and the entire team’s tools. You can define a schedule that includes recurring meetings or a time when all members are available.
The whole team must be clear about the objectives and tasks that each of the members has to carry out. This will help you achieve greater transparency, involvement, and productivity.

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Prioritize Communication

Communication plays a fundamental role in conveying the company’s objectives and priorities and maintaining the motivation and productivity of the work teams. The entire team must work aligned with the objectives and in constant collaboration. If all team members know the project’s status, it will be much easier to spot problems and opportunities.

Today, there is a multitude of platforms and online tools that help maintain fluid communication between co-workers. In addition to meetings or video conferences with multiple participants, these tools allow you to exchange and share files, organize tasks, or keep track of the entire team’s activity.

Work in The Cloud During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Thanks to the cloud, teleworking is much easier. Cloud tools facilitate communication, allowing you to view, edit and share information quickly and efficiently, from anywhere and anytime. In addition, it allows two or more people to work simultaneously.

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