Crisis Marketing – New Opportunities After COVID-19

marketing in crisis

Experts capture all their professional experience in Crisis Marketing, new opportunities after COVID-19, a book that seeks to help companies make this way out of the crisis easier. Without magic recipes (that do not exist), applying their own methodology and common sense to a new context.

Context and analysis, learn from mistakes

The objective of the first block is to give a contextual view of this crisis and others that have hit globally to begin to position itself and become aware of what lies ahead. We need to stop to think about what is happening around us, but above all, what is the meaning of our company in this society, what is our contribution of value beyond sales, what is it that makes the company work and we rise up? every morning to get it ahead. And equally important, we must rethink what our relationship with our clients is like, and what it should be like after the coronavirus.

Crises as generators of change

This second block defines how we should prepare to get out of the crisis, what things should be taken into account, and redefined so that, when it hits the market again, it is done with the best possible preparation. If you are going to go out into a market where the rules have changed, how can you expect the results to come if everything is done the same as before?

Post-confinement marketing strategies

You can think from the point of view of the actual exit from the confinement, or how the moment when we launch ourselves back to the market when the company is ready. Having placed yourself in context and prepared in the best way, it is time to look at marketing with new eyes and go back to your roots. There is a marketing from less to more and from the inside out, a marketing that follows a methodology and applies common sense to a new situation. You will learn to use digital channels with a new approach that brings you closer to your customers, and, of course, how to target them towards sales.

Keys you should never forget

To finish the book, a summary of the best practices that have been described in the three previous blocks is provided, to serve as a guide and be of practical application on a daily basis.

COVID-19 Solidarity

The book arises with the need to shoulder, not only to help companies to get out of this difficult situation but also to help people who are suffering the consequences of the coronavirus every day. For this reason, part of the profits from book sales will be donated to alleviate the consequences of COVID-19 to the initiative against the coronavirus that is helping homeless people, vulnerable families, the elderly, families at risk of social exclusion as a consequence of the coronavirus and to mitigate the international health crisis with protection materials, water, sanitation, and hygiene programs, food distribution, etc.

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