Wearable Devices – What Are Your Most Common Vulnerabilities?


There are many types of wearable devices. In fact, each time we have new connected devices that help us measure many things in our daily lives, especially our data. These devices interact with our bodies directly or indirectly, to collect data with which to elaborate useful information for the user.

We can count from sports bracelets and watches, through glasses, smart bands, clothing, and many other things among wearable devices, and each one has its own utility. There are even devices of this style designed for pets or, of course, those with applications in the field of health.

Like any device connected to the Internet, either through WiFi or, more commonly, through the mobile data network, these devices have certain vulnerabilities that are exploited by cybercriminals. What is so valuable to criminals on wearable devices? Basically, personal data and location information.

Most frequent risks of IoT wearables

As with any IoT device, the risks are usually related to a lack of updating the software, the use of bad passwords, the risk of social engineering, security breaches… Regarding security breaches, we can do little, but yes we can keep you safe when it comes to your settings.

  • If the company that distributes the devices does not have secure servers, the risk is that the data that our devices store will leak and end up violating our privacy.
  • Poor or no privacy policies. Unsafe privacy policies may not guarantee the protection of our data or omit the use that will be made of them. Therefore, we must ensure that the information about these policies is very clear.
  • Request for unusual permissions. Some devices and applications request permissions that are not related to the activity they perform, so we must carefully review what we accept and what we do not.
  • We run the risk of using our device to spy on us since many sensors record our GPS location or our state of health. A compromised device can be used by cybercriminals to spy on us and monitor our activity, such as listening to us through the microphone or seeing us through the camera, locating us through the GPS …
  • These devices need a wireless connection to synchronize the data, normally Bluetooth, at which time our privacy is vulnerable.
  • Cheaper manufacturing costs can lead to wearable devices with poor security measures that jeopardize our privacy.

The best thing to do is inform yourself very well before purchasing one of these devices and configure it correctly, making sure that it is completely updated.

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