Digital Marketing – Who Should You Write For?


The digital transformation of businesses and buyer behaviour has not finished being a hot topic simply because these changes substantially impact the buying journey and business practices in all company sectors. Activities.

Write For Clients You Don’t Have!

It is easier to write for your existing clients because you know them well.

However, this editorial strategy is precisely the same as continuing to talk only about you and your products. To grow your business and show your value, you need to write for customers you don’t have!

Today, the buyer starts his purchasing process independently: 57% of the commercial operation is done before speaking to a sales representative. He uses the internet to seek answers to his problems; he is not looking for you!

Thus, the results that will go up in “response engines” such as Google or Bing must provide very qualitative information and allow you to be taken into consideration by the buyer.

To succeed, you must move from the fingerprinting stage through your presence on the web to build a trustworthy reputation as an expert, thanks to the quality of the content you distribute.

How Do You Write For Clients You Don’t Have?

We recommend that you set up a short diagram: three steps to get straight to the point!

The first step, essential to any editorial strategy, is to know your customers better by creating a persona. This fictional representation of your target prospects allows you to understand their behaviours and motivations better.

It is carried out based on interviews with customers and prospects, but above all, internal interviews with the marketing and sales teams.

Yes, salespeople are one of your best sources of inspiration because they are confronted every day with the objections and expectations of prospects and customers.

Data To The Aid of Intuition

What will make the difference in your content? Creativity, their value and the constant search to be remarkable among your targets!

Where you decide on your editorial topics or your marketing actions by intuition, today, you have the keys to success thanks to data collection.

Whether declarative or behavioural on visitors’ navigation to your website, prospects and customers in your digital actions, they provide you with vital information.

This data confirms the relevance of your digital marketing actions or your editorial choices by monitoring your performance on social networks, your site and blog, and your communication tools (landing page, button of call to action…).

Performance management is “direct” to accelerate, correct and improve systems.

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