Tips To Gain Visitors Confidence In Your Online Shop


The solution: Firstly, you have to “prove” that your online shop is a real, serious, tangible company where everything is going well, and secondly, that what you are claiming is really behind your offers.

And that’s how it works.

Create Legal Certainty

Of course, this notice applies to everyone who is on the Internet for business purposes, but it does not become any less important. Make sure that you meet all legal requirements for online shops: that your imprint is complete, that the data protection declaration can be displayed on all devices, that your cancellation policy is not out of date. The modern user has a routine when shopping online and knows roughly what usually appears where and when. Nothing arouses suspicion faster than a website that is missing legal texts or an imprint without a telephone number.

The About Us Area

Many users click into the About Us area first if they want to find out something about the operators of a shop. Present yourself here professionally and transparently. Show your face – present the managing director and team in photos, provide an insight into your company. Don’t hide yourself.


Map customer testimonials with which you can prove the competence of your company! To do this, you can create a separate reference area, for example, add it to your About Us area or find ways to integrate individual customer voices in the periphery of the shop

Seal of Approval

Seals of quality such as those from Trusted Shops also represent a type of reference. They have a tremendously trustworthy effect.

Reference To The Store

In addition to the online shop, do you also run a retail shop? Let the visitors know that in a central place. Knowing that there is a physical sales area in the background of the shop, that you could go to the location and enter the shop, creates trust. Incidentally, many users forgive the weaknesses of a shop more quickly if they visit it knowing that behind it, for example, a tiny, but tradition-conscious shop is hidden in the city center, because that also arouses sympathy.

Contact Options

Your contact options belong in the header of the website so that they are displayed at any time, regardless of where the visitor is – telephone number, e-mail address, possibly postal address or location. That creates transparency. Even if the user doesn’t intend to contact you, knowing that they could be reassuring.

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Communicate Readiness For Service

Emphasize your willingness to provide service – make it easier to contact you and make it clear that users can and should contact you at any time if they have questions or problems. This includes the illustration of the correct contact person with photo, email and telephone number, a tidy contact area and contact forms with a minimum of mandatory fields. Also, don’t forget to refer to your social media profiles if necessary.

Product Reviews

The illustration of product ratings and reviews by other customers creates trust in the quality of the product and company performance and, moreover, a particularly clear impression of the product. But stay away from fake reviews! All too often that goes wrong, you get caught, and the damage to your reputation can be significant.

Detailed Product Descriptions

Describe your products as detailed and multi-valued as possible. Offer meaningful product photos. Make sure that the customer receives all the information to be really sure that they want to order this product. If he knows exactly what is on offer, fears that the quality is poor or the product is the wrong one will be reduced.

Transparent Shipping And Payment Information

Give the customer the opportunity at an early stage to get an overview of the shipping process and the payment modalities – before making the purchase. So he knows exactly what he has to do on the way to the check-out and how his goods will find him afterwards. This also includes information about what happens to the customer’s data!

Payment Options

Even when offering several payment options, you create both trust and convenience, because your customer can conveniently choose his favorite payment option – including the one that appears to be the safest. According to studies, the most popular payment method among customers is – not surprisingly – payment on account.

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