Do Online Essay Writing Services Really Work?


Back in the day, it was impossible to imagine that once we would be able to get professional academic help whenever and wherever we wanted. But now, it’s a reality thanks to thousands of online companies that serve students all over the world. Nevertheless, many people are still cautious about such services, and there are many myths surrounding this industry. So let us clear them up once and for all. You’ll see that online academic assistance is a safe and reliable service which anyone can use to overcome challenges in their studies.

Myth #1. Academic Help Sites Are Scams

If there’s one thing you should know about custom essay writing, it’s that you can safely buy it from a legit website. Unfortunately, some people claim to provide this service when, in fact, they’re trying to scam an unsuspecting student who just needs an expert writer to show them how to do their assignment. But a company that cheats people out of their money is not an essay writing company by definition. It only presents as such in order to lure in victims.

You will find plenty of legit and professional essay writing services like Custom Writings. How do you know they’re real? Here’s a short checklist:

  • Are there any reviews about this company on independent platforms? What do they say?

If there are dozens or even hundreds of posts about a website, then it’s probably legit. Pay attention to testimonials that talk about quality and customer service. But what if there’s not a single review? Two things are possible. One: it is indeed a scam. Two: it’s a relatively new website, and therefore, it hasn’t been reviewed yet.

  • Is the website secure?

Buying anything online carries a certain security risk, and personalized paper writing help is not an exception. You want to be sure that the company selling you this service takes measures to protect each customer. How do you know that the website is secure? Check the following:

  • The URL should begin with “https://”
  • The address bar may show a padlock icon.
  • Some browsers display the web address in green color.

If your website meets either of these criteria, then it’s secure. Also, some services elaborate on the measures they’re taking for better safety. Therefore, you can browse the website to read more about their privacy policies.

  • Does the website provide contact information?

If you stumble upon a company that claims to write essays for college students, but it doesn’t provide any phone number or email, you better run. These services always need to give contact information so that their customers can call or write to check in about their orders. Two-way communication is essential for this business.

Myth #2. All Essay Writing Companies Sell Plagiarized Papers

This statement couldn’t be more wrong. Academic help companies can offer assistance in various ways, and writing original papers from scratch is by far the most popular one. Legit services that sell custom essays written by professionals always give a zero-plagiarism guarantee. So, if you buy a paper from them and realize that it contains copy-pasted content, you can ask for your money back.
Unfortunately, some dishonest companies on the internet sell plagiarized essays claiming that they’re authentic, and of course, they don’t give a zero-plagiarism guarantee. Thankfully, you can easily avoid them. Just make sure that the service you’re using delivers only original content and promises a money-back guarantee in case of plagiarism.
And to be fair, there are some perfectly legit websites selling pre-written papers as samples rather than newly-written works. But they always disclose this information and warn their customers before they make the purchase.

Myth #3. Writing Help is Very Expensive

Academic help companies are not a monolith, so we can’t generalize them. There are very affordable paper writing services as well as more high-end alternatives. However, the majority are in the medium price range. On average, a single page of original content costs $10-15. Usually, the price depends on your academic level, the deadline, and sometimes, the discipline. You can actually save up a lot by ordering your papers in advance because then you will be able to choose a longer deadline.
But overall, don’t ever expect high-quality writing help to be cheap or free. If you want to get a great service, you should be ready to pay for it. And highly qualified writers deserve fair pay for their work.

How To Choose The Best Essay Writing Service

Now that you know all of this, you might wonder: “Well, I understand how to choose a legit service. But how do I pick the best one?” And the answer is very simple: the best academic help company is the one that satisfies your needs. Therefore, you have to decide what it is that you want in a paper writing service.

Does the quality of writing matter to you? There’s plenty of companies that focus on delivering top quality rather than simply fulfilling their customers’ requirements. Many of them have native writers from the USA, the UK, and other English-speaking countries.

Are you looking for an affordable option? Then you should go for a website with pretty low prices, or at least one that has a flexible pricing policy. However, we don’t recommend choosing the cheapest service, because the quality of their papers is probably less than desirable.

What disciple do you need help with? Most writing services are multipurpose, meaning that they can help you with all sorts of assignments. Meanwhile, others specialize in either humanities or STEM disciplines. Therefore, different services may be suitable for you, depending on whether you need help with an English literature essay or a biology research paper.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve learned more about academic help thanks to this article. Now you know what to do whenever you’re writing a paper, and you fe1el that you need help. As we’ve already explained, the rules are very simple. Just remember to avoid scams, and you’re good!

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