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These are our recommendations to keep in mind to buy in eCommerce safely.

Electronic commerce does not stop growing. It is a phenomenon with a clear increasing trend at a global level since the last few years that; In addition, it has been accelerated by the pandemic. Buying online is very convenient: you can buy quickly from anywhere and at any time, you can access many more shop windows and product catalogs than when buying in a physical store, you buy easily and, in addition, you receive the product directly at your home. The benefits are endless, but despite being more and more widespread, online trading carries some dangers. Here are some recommendations to avoid them.

These are our tips to buy online safely:

Find Out About The Store’s Reputation

Buy on official websites. If you don’t know the store, find out who’s behind it. Look for legal texts on the web with the information of the company and its CIF that give truth to its identity and trust seals that certify the security of the web. We also recommend reviewing the return policy; if it does not exist, you should be suspicious.

You can also rely on online reviews. For this, Google Maps and social networks are very useful, also search blogs, news, etc.

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Use Secure Payment Methods

The time of payment is when you should be most attentive and take maximum precautions. You don’t want your bank details to be visible to untrustworthy sources.

You doubt the reliability of the website if it only offers a payment option to complete the transaction. A red flag when shopping online is that a website makes you pay through unusual methods such as a check.

If they offer multiple, choose only those that have credible backing, such as a large bank, which is a regulated entity. This is the case of Instant Credit, Sabadell Consumer Finance’s digital installment payment solution that allows you to pay in installments for purchases quickly, safely, and without paper.

Visit Websites With Security Certificates

When you browse e-commerce, make sure it has the HTTPS security certificate, you can check it in your browser bar. HTTPS refers to a Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol and serves as a guarantee that exchanges on the web are done safely. That is, other users will not be able to intercept our information on that web server.

Avoid Using Public WiFi Networks

Public WiFi networks are more exposed to potential cyberattacks. To provide an extra layer of security, always buy using a private connection.

Create Strong Passwords

If you register in eCommerce and save your bank details to be able to make future purchases in a more agile way, use strong passwords. According to data from the Cyber ​​Security Center, in 2019, 23 million people worldwide were hacked because they used the password 123456!

Update Browser, Mobile, And Computer

Keeping both your devices and your browser up to date with the latest updates protects you from possible malicious software.

These simple tips can help keep your e-commerce shopping experience free from unexpected scares. Don’t forget to put them into practice on your next online purchase!

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