Things To Look Out For A While Buying A Mid-Range Budget Smartphone


The fourth quarter of 2020 has been a massive shipment of mobile phones of around 45 million, with a y-o-y growth of 21%. In 2021, IDC expects a higher growth in the smartphone market, majorly driven by consumers upgrading to the mid-range segment of mobile phones and 5G offerings.

The arrival of budget smartphones, especially those with exclusive features, has sustained the market’s growth. Nevertheless, the mid-range segment of smartphones has also grown steadily, with manufacturers introducing various models.

Therefore, before deciding to purchase the best phone under 30000, consumers need to check specific points and make an informed decision.

Points to focus on while purchasing mid-range smartphones

The smartphone market under the mid-range category is the most favoured segment in India. The devices can offer a high-quality camera, powerful battery life and every other essential feature if consumers can choose the right product.
However, numerous options in the market can confuse customers if they are looking to buy the best phone under 30000.

Here are some of the important aspects to look for while purchasing mid-range smartphones:

  • The right screen size

The most important factor to keep in mind while choosing to buy a smartphone is the right screen size. It is because any operation on the phone is only possible via an interaction with the screen.
Nonetheless, if you are spending below Rs.30,000, you should always choose to have an AMOLED display panel that offers vibrant colors compared to LCD screens and saves battery while using darker themes and wallpapers. The higher refresh rates are now quite popular in recently launched phones, and consumers can avail 90Hz or 120Hz display at midrange prices.

  • Choose the right processor

If a customer is spending above Rs.25,000 to buy the best phone under 30000, he/she should choose a Snapdragon 700 series or a MediaTek Dimensity series chipset.

If consumers want their device to be future-proof, they should opt for a minimum of 128GB storage as the app sizes, and media downloads require ample space. Therefore, buyers should opt for a least 6GB RAM mobile to enjoy an efficient performance.

  • Battery life

Usually, mid-range budget phones come with good battery life. This is why, while purchasing a smartphone in 2021, one should look for a minimum 4,500mAh – 5,000mAh capacity so that the battery does not drain out completely before the day ends.

  • Camera quality

Although most midrange devices are equipped with an exclusive triple-quad camera set up, it is essential to look at the lenses’ quality before purchasing. A perfect triple or quad camera must have either 48MP or 64MP main camera sensor with an 8MP ultra-wide lens. Besides, consumers must make sure that the device has a super front camera of 8MP resolution.

  • Software check

There are Windows, Android and Blackberry phones available in the market. Before purchasing a smartphone, buyers must check the operating system version. One should not willingly spend money on an older version of Android or Windows phone.

NoteDifferent operating systems have varying hardware requirements. The latest Windows 8 version demands lesser processor speed and RAM compared to Android.
Therefore, following the above guidelines, individuals can purchase a high-performance midrange device in 2021.

List of mid-range devices to choose from

  1. Realme X2 Pro – Around Rs.26,000
  2. Samsung Galaxy A52 – Around Rs.27,000
  3. vivo V20 Pro – Around Rs.29,000
  4. Redmi 10i 5G – Around Rs.24,000

If buyers find these prices expensive and out of their budget, they can opt to purchase via the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network to make their purchase affordable. This customized payment facility allows buyers to purchase from online and offline stores and convert the cost into easy EMIs.

Hence, buyers can buy their desired product using this facility and substantially reduce their financial burden.

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