Enterprise Blockchain: More Than Just Virtual Currency


The Covid-19 pandemic dramatically changed the way the world works is bringing about a new wave of technological revolution as businesses realize the need for scalable business solutions that accommodates our “new normal”.

But for a lot of people all over the world, Bitcoin is nothing more than just a digital currency for crypto trading and investment. In reality, the blockchain behind Bitcoin can do so much more – it can solve crucial problems with data management for large organizations, governments, and businesses.

So, what is enterprise blockchain?

Enterprise blockchain is a public network that serves as a single, universal database accessible to organizations from anywhere in the world. This technology will successfully address current digitization challenges to allow governments and businesses to scale and enhance processes and operations. Enterprise blockchain also sets the stage for the integration of a data economy, the benefits of which include data storage security, data sharing, data integrity, and data incentivizing.

The infographic below details the benefits of enterprise blockchain as well as its various use cases and applications.

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