Terms To Consider When Designing An Online Strategy


Starting a business from scratch is complicated. Before undertaking, we must consider several strategies and specific knowledge that helps us give that push. The “How do I start?” may be the start of a promising future. We must define certain aspects such as our business model, clients, brand, or services. It is an extended process dedicated to researching and creating the structure of our business. If you think your idea is a business opportunity. We are on the right track. In these 5 points, we will summarize the aspects that we must consider when designing an online strategy.

Market Study

What is market research? What use would it do to me? And if I do, where would I focus it? The market study is based on the analysis of the clients and that of your competition. We obtain valuable information that allows us to make certain decisions and lead us on the right path.

We can focus on these two aspects:

Who will be my target audience?

Targeting specific people or a more general audience will depend on our choice. We must know what type of people will be interested in our business and understand what and how to offer our services with those results.

Who is my competition?

Question if our business deserves to have a competitive price and look for who will be our central competent:

  • Research your strategies
  • Know who succeeds, who does not …
  • How to overcome them
  • Generate new ideas.
  • Highlight


Do we have all the necessary means to achieve our goal? How long will it take us? Marketing objectives make business objectives are met. Knowing the product that you are going to sell, you have to focus on its destination. What will my goal be? We should not focus only on the put option. First, we have to make the product known and that the public value it. The SMART criteria perfectly define these goals based on a mnemonic:

  • Specific (Specific): Positively define the objectives.
  • Measurable (Measurable): Measure achievement
  • Achievable (Achievable): Attractive targets
  • Realistic (Realistic): realistic and attainable goal. Look at our budget.
  • Timely (A time): Measure at what time will be our goal.

Online Presence

Should my business have an online presence? The answer is yes. Today it is something fundamental. To find a company, the public uses the Google search engine as a rule. If they do not see it, they will directly think that it does not exist. Having a website is the beginning.

In the online presence, there are also Social Networks. Create and research which accounts will be the most beneficial for your business. Text, photos, product catalog, videos, and other resources are essential. Accessibility is another plus point. If you consider it, create an app so that your users/clients can have you on their mobile devices and directly access the content.

Content Marketing

Making a thread of the previous point, what contents should I show? Content marketing is a valuable discipline within online marketing. The goal is to attract and retain customers with quality, original, attractive and creative content to establish contact with them and generate a positive reaction. We can start by creating a blog on our page. Helps increase user interest. With information, purchases of a product … and the possibility of sharing it through various social networks. Another online marketing strategy, which has become one of the most used in recent years.

Another way of disseminating content is through E-Book. Write the range of great value for your clients and with an adequate volume to be read on the computer. Include it on your website or blog in a visible way so that users can download it. There are free and paid. But if you are starting, the ideal would be in an accessible format so that your visits and customers increase. If over time it goes well and you see some payment feasible. It is your free choice. The Newsletter is an ideal complement to blog posts. It is about giving visibility to the contents and making them virilize every so often to keep them informed. Images, videos, or infographics usually accompany them.

Web Traffic

We are interested in having a movement of visits on our website. Not only worrying about the number of visits, but also about interested visitors. We must offer products that we are willing to share with the user/client and not claim what is not available. This simple fact would mean a drop in our web traffic. That is the loss of loyalty and the number of customers.

Working every day is part of growing a business. React to changes and find solutions, renew, be creative with content, invest in advertising or not …

If you want to know where your visitors come from, a handy tool is Google Analytics in the acquisition section.

Email Marketing

Email is key to obtaining benefits, even for small businesses. They are even more effective than social media. As a communication channel, it is pretty accessible, and the message to the user/client is direct. Almost half of the emails read are through mobile devices. Having a responsive design template would be an excellent point to consider. We must create a strategy in our database to achieve our objectives. Some tools are ideal for these campaigns.

Online Advertising

What type of advertising is right for my business? Google and Bing have an online ad system that works very well to position itself in the first lines of the search engine. Advertising on Google Adwords is one of the most feasible: “AdWords connects you with your potential customers at the right time, showing relevant ads to the right of the search results. “

Also, video campaigns on YouTube are beneficial for advertising and social networks such as Twitter Companies, Instagram, Facebook Ad …

As a great business opportunity for brands and companies, there are different types of ads and advertising in online marketing. It is essential to know its advantages, know how to do it, and integrate it into your online strategy.

Internet Sales

Internet sales are constantly growing. It has been our main goal since we decided to dive into this adventure. It is not about selling and getting a large number of clients. One must renew and be constant. Take care of already loyal users/customers and future stakeholders. Be aware of what happens in your market … Large companies have the advantage of being established. Both small businesses and individuals have one of the most essential. Direct contact with the customer. Starting from this advantage, how to sell on the Internet? The most recurrent routes are online stores and mobile commerce (M-Commerce).

To create your online store, you must have an economic investment. Today, it is not necessary to start with a large budget or have excellent computer skills. We can find primary and helpful information about online marketing to help us do it ourselves. But you also have to know that there are regulations. One of the main questions is, Should I register as a freelancer to have my online store? The answer is yes. When selling over the Internet, it is invoiced.

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