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Big change in Facebook’s advertising world: The social network of Mark Zuckerberg combines its Facebook power editor and the advertising manager in one new tool: the updated advertising manager.

For a few days now, there has been a new tool in Facebook’s advertising world – the updated ad manager. This new tool is intended to simplify the creation and placement of advertisements on Facebook for advertisers in the future.

For this, the social network has merged the two existing advertising systems – the Facebook Power Editor and the Ad Manager. The result is the updated ad manager mentioned above.

Individual campaign workflow

According to company statements, this should combine the best features from both applications. For the creation of new advertising campaigns on Facebook, there are therefore two variants in the updated advertisement manager:

Quick Creation (from the Power Editor): With this creation variant, the advertiser can determine the order in which ad groups and advertisements are created.
Guided Creation (from the advertisement manager): The advertiser is guided through the creation process step by step from the selection of the campaign target to the submission of the finished advertisement from Facebook.
Basically, Facebook has stored the function in the new advertising tool that the advertiser previously preferred. However, the settings can be changed with just one click on the other system.

Statistics and drafts from the Facebook Power Editor

Advertisers who worked primarily with the Facebook Power Editor before the introduction of the updated ad manager can enjoy two well-known and popular elements.

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