Basics of Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is an essential core component of successful online marketing. The following article explains why Facebook, Twitter, and Co. are important for companies and the self-employed and how you can use the various platforms for yourself and your company.

Social media are the main online channels

  • Nowadays, social media are an integral part of everyday and professional life. Millions of users watch videos on YouTube, communicate via WhatsApp and Messenger, spend time on Facebook and Twitter, or upload photos to Pinterest.
  • Social networks offer a great opportunity for companies and the self-employed: nowhere else can they be as close to the customer, reach a broad mass of potential customers, and offer their existing customers real added value.
  • However, not every channel is suitable for every company. A professional social media strategy is therefore essential: which channels fit the company? What goals should be achieved? What needs to be considered with the content? How do I measure my success in social networks?

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The most important social media channels at a glance

  • There is no way around Facebook: here you can set up your own company page and post texts, images, videos, links, and live streams. Interested parties can give your page a like and thus automatically track all further contributions from your company. The more likes, followers, and interactions you measure on your site, the greater your reach. In the beginning, you can buy Facebook likes.
  • Instagram is particularly popular with young people. Here, however, the focus is on photos, longer texts cannot be posted. Companies that market products or services that are easy to depict should be represented on Instagram.
  • The WhatsApp messenger service is increasingly being used by companies. If you want to be quickly and easily accessible to your customers, you should jump on this train.
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. You can publish videos on your YouTube channel. If appropriate, distribute videos about your products, for example, and also provide all relevant information so that the videos can be found quickly.
  • In contrast to Instagram, Twitter is very text-heavy and is a good support channel. Products for women are very well presented on Pinterest. A LinkedIn or Xing presence is recommended so that employees and customers can network with each other. A good network is often a key to success. You can also present information about your company on the free company page and make regular contributions.

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