Football and 2 Other Sports That Are All the Rage in South Africa


South Africa, just like many other African nations, has a rich and diverse sports culture and a passionate sports fanbase. Africa and football have a long history together and playing the games as well as betting on them with money and bitcoin is a popular pastime, enjoyed by millions across the continent.

As with the majority of the world, basketball and football are the dominant sports, however there are also a few other sports that rule the scene in South Africa. We will be discussing some of the most famous ones today.

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Football is a game that has historically united the entire world since its inception as contemporary soccer in 1863. It is statistically the most watched sport of all time with more than 3.5 billion fans across the world and a widespread betting scene, both local and online. The sport is enjoyed both by the youth and adults as a fun hobby, with local competitions being held all the time, not to mention a substantial professional competitive scene.

Particularly in South Africa, soccer is an important part of maintaining a cultural identity and connecting the different African nations over a shared interest. The world cup is the most watched sports event in the world and it was famously hosted in South Africa in 2010.


Although most people are not usually aware, cricket is one of the most followed and popular sports in the world. It is most popular in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Bangladesh and it has a large following in South Africa too.

It is a bat and ball game not unlike baseball and a hit amongst children. On numerous occasions, you will even see it played on the streets. The main difference from baseball is that it is played with a slightly different plank-shaped bat and on a thin rectangular field instead of the diamond-shaped field designed for baseball games.


The country is quite big on rugby. This has not only left its mark on the South African culture, but it has also had a high impact on a historical level, dating back to the 1800’s when it was introduced by British colonial forces. The national team known as the ‘Springboks’ is a great achievement and source of pride for many patriots of South Africa.

Its people have even earned themselves the title of champions in the Rugby World Cup. With its enthusiastic fans and thrilling gameplay akin to American football with intense blockades and stoppages, it is no surprise this game continues to be one of the staples prevalent in the South African sporting scene.


While there are definitely other sports that are also watched in South Africa, these 3 are without doubt the biggest and most popular. Moving forward, the dedicated and passionate community for sports in the country will continue to grow, as global interest rises and the country’s economy continues to expand. After all, sports have always been a cultural force on the continent as well as globally and continue to form lasting bonds between cultures.

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