Do You Need To Get Your Internet Faster?


Tips And Tricks To Make Slow Internet Fast Again

When the Internet suddenly slows down, you have to act quickly. Especially if you were already looking forward to a lovely Netflix evening or the offspring is in the middle of important school work.

But even if the problems don’t don’t appear all of a sudden but have always existed, you should find a remedy. After all, surfing, online shopping, streaming and the like are only a little fun if the internet connection is terrible.

We’ll show you what you can do about the slow Internet. Knowing there are many possible reasons for a bad internet connection is essential. The problem can be rooted in the router settings, your ISP, or outdated lines. To make the relationship faster again, it is best to proceed according to the exclusion principle and check all possible sources of error step by step. But before you plunge into the depths of technology, you should check whether the Internet connection is slow on another device. This way, you will quickly know whether the cause of the problem lies with the device itself or the network.

Check Internet Speed

Important to know when signing a new contract with an internet provider: the providers always state the maximum achievable internet speed. This value is based on how well connected your place of residence is, in theory. Especially in rural areas, the Internet is much slower than in big cities. But even if your Internet provider promises you a data transfer rate of up to 25 Mbit, that does not mean that this value will be achieved. In practice, these maximum values ​​are only actually achieved in individual cases.

Our tip before you start troubleshooting: First, do a so-called speed test (Internet speed test) online. This way, you can quickly see what internet speed is possible in your residential area.

Is The Internet Slow? Check To Throttle

Necessary for using smartphones and tablets: If you are off the WLAN with your mobile devices, you should pay attention to your available data volume. Your internet speed will be throttled if this is used up for the respective month. In our article “data volume counter and data calculator”, we have put together all the essential information on data flat rates and consumption for mobile devices for you.

The Internet Suddenly Slows – Is It The Router?

Restarting the router or checking the settings can help if the Internet connection is slow. If many users surf the same channel simultaneously, this can be too much for the line and, thus, one reason why the Internet is slower than usual. However, you can change the channel manually in the router settings. 

  • Invest in a new router if yours is many years old. The older models often do not support fast WLAN or VDSL. Check out our router buying guide to determine which model offers the best price/performance ratio for your needs.
  • Try changing the WiFi channel in the router settings. Not only do all household members surf the same line, but your entire street as well.
  • Check the router’s location if you’re constantly struggling with prolonged Internet access. If the device is isolated from thick walls and bulky furniture somewhere in the farthest corner, this can cause speed problems. So place the router as freely as possible, close to your PC or laptop and preferably high up (e.g. on a cupboard). Alternatively, you can also use a LAN cable or WiFi repeater. 

The Internet Is Too Slow – Check The Hardware And Software.

Sometimes the reasons why the Internet is very slow lie directly with your PC or laptop. Therefore, check the following points and heed our tips:

  • Viruses, Trojans or spyware that have nested on the computer can also be responsible for the fact that the Internet is slow – or even the entire computer. Regardless of whether you need help installing security software or want to have existing viruses removed.
  • Make sure your browser is up to date. It is best to set the browser settings so that updates are carried out automatically. The developers behind Google Chrome, Firefox and Co. regularly improve security with updates and speed. Also, uninstall browser add-ons that are no longer required and delete the cookies from time to time.
  • Is your Windows up to date? And what about the drivers? Check the updated settings of your operating system. Carry out any updates that may be available. Only with up-to-date software are you safe, protected and getting the most out of the hardware functionality.
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