From Zero to Hero: Strategies to Increase Instagram Likes and Build an Engaged Audience

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Creators on Instagram face a lot of issues when it comes to “likes” on their posts and pages. If you are a creator, you must have faced the issue of getting only a handful of likes even after creating great content. “Likes” on Instagram depend on various factors and it might seem a challenging task when you are a novice or someone struggling with likes.
But fret not, we have once again come up with some tips and tricks to get you out of this tricky situation. We will be sharing a list of strategies to increase your “likes” count. You can choose the best strategy to increase Instagram likes. Also, these strategies will help you in building a loyal and engaged audience base.

Tips to Increasing Likes Count on Instagram and Building an Engaged Audience Base

1. Several photos in one post

Club your best shots together and post them in a single Instagram post. You can also add a couple of videos to the same post. This technique keeps the viewer engaged as once they come across your post; their curiosity will arise. They will surely click on the next arrow to check out your other pictures in the post. Once they come across a photo or content they like, they are sure to click on the “Like” button. Different photos can attract different audiences.

2. Contests and giveaways

Host contests and giveaways but ensure that to enter the contest the participant must click the like button. This is another great way to engage your audience and get likes in the process. Plus, this method has a higher chance of being successful as the audience also gets prizes in return when they win the contests.

3. Play the tagging game

You can ask your followers to tag a couple of their friends in your posts to increase your posts’ visibility. You can also tag other accounts in your post so that they get notified about your post. This will help you in getting more exposure for your page. Tagging people will get your posts to new users’ feeds and hence your likes count will increase as a result.

4. Make full use of hashtags

One of the most important and overused tools on the platform is the hashtag. Instagram users often use hashtags without utilizing their full power. Before using a hashtag make sure to create a mix of hashtags from three fields: popular, niche, and branded. You should always use hashtags that are relevant to your content and are currently trending. Trending hashtags can bring more engagement to your posts.

5. Mention location in posts

Another way to use tags is to use geotags. If you enable geotagging for your posts, your posts will show up in searches for that location. And if someone finds your posts interesting, they might engage with your posts and you will get more likes.

6. Connect with audience

Always post content that your audience can relate to and find enjoyable. Try to bring your authentic side in your posts. Connecting with your audience on a personal level helps in building a loyal follower base. And these followers will be one of your most trusted promoters. Also, time your posts correctly and to the last minute. Also, engage with your audience in the comment section and give them shoutouts. This will help in building loyalty among your audience base.

7. Follow the trend

If you do not post on trending topics, the audience might feel that you are out of the loop on the platform. So, keep an eye on what’s trending and use the topics or music to your advantage. Connect the trend with your brand and you will see an increase in the visibility of your posts.

8. Get on the Explore page

The Explore tab on the platform is a vast collection of new and interesting accounts that the users might be interested in checking out. If your posts feature on the Explore tab, you will be able to get new followers and hence more likes in the process. Make your posts more engaging by using interesting and unique captions.

9. Connect with similar creators

Find out other creators who cater to the same audience base as you. Connect with them by tagging them in your posts. You can also like and comment on their posts to get noticed. If you are a makeup influencer, connecting with other makeup influencers and makeup artists will help you widen your audience base. You can check out their most popular posts and get an idea of what is clicking with your audience.

10. Do a takeover on Instagram

Choose an influencer from your circle and ask them to take over your page for a day. You can also do an exchange for a day if the other person is interested. This will help in getting some new content on your page as the other creator will be a fresh face for your audience. The creator might help you in getting more likes on your posts. You will also be able to build an engaged audience base. And you can return the favour by creating content for their page.

So, these are the top 10 strategies that can help in increasing likes on your Instagram account. These tips will also work in creating an engaged audience base for your page. If you are looking for free Instagram Likes, check out some trustworthy websites. Make sure to check their reviews, payment methods, and their workings to understand whether you should invest your money or not. Just remember that every famous influencer was a newbie at the start and you can also shine bright in the Instagram world by doing hard work, having patience, and always striving to give your best. Keep your audience engaged and entertained and you will never have to worry about your likes count. And as always, we will be here to help you out in your Instagram journey from zero to hero.

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