How To Access Blocked Websites?


There are many times when we are trying to open a website, but it’s blocked by the government, internet service provider, school, employer, and so on. There are many reasons behind this blocking, like increased censorship by the government, political unrest, war, etc. If you are in search of a certain website and it is somehow blocked, it creates another level of frustration during work. But do you know that you can get access to these blocked websites? If not, then this blog is perfect for you. There are a lot of techniques and methods to bypass this situation. Try all these techniques, and get your work done. So, take out a few minutes from your busy schedule and go through this blog!

How To Get Access To Blocked Websites

As we discuss, there are lots of tactics to open these sites. There are different types of blocks set up by the organizations. To crack all these blocks, you can’t rely on a single method. Free VPN to proxy software, there are many things available in the marketplace. So let’s start.

Access through IP –

You know some software only blocks a website by its name or URL? Like  is blocked through its name but not through the IO address of the website. If you are a Windows user, then try out Command Prompt and insert “ ping” After this, copy the IP address and put it into the address bar of the browser, and run it. Your favorite website will run just like a normal website without any problem. If you are using macOS, then apply this same method on Terminal, and you are done. The website will run similarly.

But remember one thing, the website will not open if it can handle requests from the IP address directly. So many websites may not open or show errors.

Open through the proxy site –

There are many free proxy websites available in the market. They will provide access to these blocked websites as an anonymous user. So your identity will not be disclosed. So search proxy sites on Google. You will get a lot of proxies. Go to a proxy website and enter the URL of the website you want to open. The server is a proxy server, so you can get access to it. The proxy server itself is connected with the original server of the true website. It’s a cached version you are opening. You can also install proxy browsers on your system. So while opening a blocked website, you won’t face any trouble.

Bypass censorship through extension –

To avoid censorship stigma, you can try these extensions like ProxMate and Hola. Through this extension, you will get access to blocked sites on Chrome and Windows. You can also use UltraSurf. UltraSurf has the proxy network to break the firewall barriers of famous websites. There is also a VPN extension available.

Use DewVPN –

DewVPN can get you through the blocked websites without any hassle. It will protect your data and identity while going through the process. DewVPN also provides global access. The speed is really good. So breaking through any blocked website is very easy now. Now you can get a free VPN to break the block.

Public DNS of ISPS –

Internet Service Provider (ISP) uses DNS to block the access of blacklisted websites. So you can use Google Public DNS to avoid the restriction. Change your DNS to Google Public DNS IP and cross the boundary.

Break through Cloudflare WARP

Cloudflare can break geo-block to get access to the blacklisted websites. It’s a widespread WARP to break networks across the world. You will get Cloudflare on Android or iOS devices. It’s also available on Windows and Linux on the desktop.


You can also convert restricted content from HTML to PDF. It’s easily available if you only need to read the content. So now, there is a sharp spike in the percentage of blocking websites. Many countries are enacting certain policies to have a leash on citizens’ access. So now you know the tactics of breaking through a website. Let’s defeat your school, Government censorship, or any other organization’s unnecessary protocols. We hope this blog will enrich your knowledge.

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