Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry – Murder Story Explained

Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry

Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry – these two names were well known to many people some years ago. If you are a gamer then you would have certainly heard about the Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry story. This is the story that happened back in the year of 2007 which shocked everyone over the world. Today here in our article we will completely explain about this brutal murder story with all the information that we had collected from the internet. Here Gabrial Kuhn was victim and Daniel Patry is murderer

How Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry Became Friends?

At the time of the murder Gabriel Kuhn is of 12 years and Daniel Patry is of 16 years old. Even though Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry are not of the same age or same class they became friends. This is all due to their interest in online games. They used to play a lot of online games and both got to know each other through the games itself. They used to share the gaming knowledge with each other and used to spend most of their time in online games only.

What Leads To The Murder Of Gabriel Kuhn?

This murder is happened due to the digital coins which were used in the game called Tibia. Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry used to play the same game called Tibia. Once Daniel Patry had given 20,000 digital coins to Gabriel Kuhn. when he asked to repay the coins Gabriel Khun had refused. This made Daniel Patry angry which led to the murder of Gabriel Kuhn. The 20,000 digital coins cost just $1.5 which is a silly thing for a murder.

Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry Crime Investigation Details

After the police came to know that Gabriel Kuhn was murdered by Daniel Patry they started to look into the case deeply. They got to know that Daniel Patry is mentally disturbed person who gets short tempered for silly things. His parents also confirmed that. Even though Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry are closest friends, Daniel had invited Gabriel to his home and murdered. After killing his friend Daniel cut Gabriel’s legs and kept the upper part and lower part at different places. This shows how cruel he was at the age of 16. 

Where is Daniel Patry Now?

After the murder of Gabriel Kuhn, Daniel patry was sent to juvenile jail because he was a minor. He was kept 3 years in jail and after that in 2010 he was released from the jail and after that his parents took him and moved somewhere.

Closing thoughts

This story tells us how one minute anger can ruin our entire life. Here even though Gabriel Kuhn And Daniel Patry both were friends, a decision which took out of anger made Gabriel to lose and Daniel to end up in jail and ruin his life. Although it happened 16 years back, now people are showing interest in this murder story and wanting to know the details. Through social media a lot of people had a chance to know this story.

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