How Long Does it Take to Make Money From Blogging?


If you are thinking of creating a blog to earn money, it is natural to ask yourself how long it will take you to achieve your first income. However, there are many things that you should consider before even thinking about the first profit, since blogging is not as easy as it sounds.

But the good news is that, if you are determined and want to put in the effort to start your blog, you will be able to earn money in just under a year.

If you want to speed up the entry of money with your blog, you must put all your concentration in motion and apply some or all of the advice that we will give you here.

Exactly How Long Does it Take to Make Money From Blogging?

The first thing you should know is that there is no magic or specific recipe to know exactly how long a blog takes to make a profit. This is so, because each blog handles different topics and audiences.

In addition to this, you must have a solid strategy if you want to make money within the first year of blogging . There are two basic factors that dictate how fast you can make money from a blog:

Let’s see in more detail what these factors are.

1. How Much Time Should You Spend on it?

The time you spend blogging largely depends on whether you want to do it full time or just to have passive income alongside your job.

If you are in the first situation, you can work on the blog 40 hours a week without problems. But if you only want a source of passive income, you should dedicate at least 15 hours a week.

Time and effort are the measures to start making money. The more time you dedicate to the blog the faster you will start to generate money.

That is why you should know how committed you will be to the creation of the blog, since, depending on the time and dedication, it will be much more profitable.

Most people believe that being a blogger is just writing all day on a laptop and watching the money come in. But this is far from being a reality. Creating a blog is hard work and is not just about writing.

To be successful, in addition to quality content, you must build marketing strategies that involve email and affiliation. Also, have social networks where you can share content and spend time responding to comments, sending information by email, among many other things.

How Do You Monetize Your Blog?

Another factor that determines how quickly you will start making money through a blog is the way you monetize it.

Generally, beginners sell ad space on their blog to generate income. But this is a tall order and if you really want to start a blogging career, this alone will not be enough.

Ideally, you should have multiple income options to maximize your blog earnings. So you must first focus on your audience and generate traffic . In this way you can use an affiliate marketing strategy and generate more profits.

Always research and look for the monetization channel that is most profitable for your theme, as well as all the available options.

How To Make Money with Your Blog Faster?

We have already established how long it takes to make money with a blog, and we have been told that a quick average is one year to see your first profits. You can speed up the earnings process by applying little details like the following:

Choose a Good Platform To Create Your Blog

If you don’t know where to start and want to create your blog with all the resources you need to do so at hand, even if you don’t have enough budget, you can use free blogging platforms.

These platforms increase your visibility online. Among the most popular are WordPress and Blogger. The reputation of these platforms is excellent, so creating a blog there will help you build more trust in your audience.

Although these platforms are free, their benefits are more limited. Instead, website builders help you design a professional website or blog with monetization in mind from day 1.

Write For Your Audience

You should know that as a blogger you are going to write, but you are going to do it for an audience. The creation of your content must revolve around your audience.

That is why you should choose a specific topic to talk about, based on your audience. You cannot write to the millions of people who are on the internet. So pick a niche and dedicate yourself to strengthening your relationship with your readers.

For example, if you like to cook and have personalized recipes, you can create a recipe blog and attract people with the same interest. Your content will be more relevant to them, so making them loyal will be easier.

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Create a Content Calendar

Focus and continuity are key to staying a professional blogger. A calendar is ideal if you want your blog to become a business.

One of the biggest downsides to blogging is that they don’t post regularly. This is because people are not writing full time. If you can stick to a schedule and spend time on your blog, the faster it will produce results.

A calendar of posts and content will help you maintain the focus and consistency necessary for your blog to be a success.

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