How Punjab Dear 20 Lottery Works


Lotteries in the state of Punjab in India are conducted both offline and online. For the most part, these lotteries are offered in the form of a government lottery (Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries) and are conducted under Punjab State Lotteries Rules, 2015, and The Lottery Regulations Act, 1998.

The Directorate of Lotteries’ mission is to conduct genuine lottery schemes and promote transparency. To achieve this, the Directorate has set rules and regulations to discourage citizens from getting scammed by illegal lotteries.

Through these rules, the Government of Punjab is able to mobilize non-tax revenue and harness technological advancements to create an efficient and user-friendly environment for conducting and promoting Punjab State lotteries. Moreover, the Directorate is able to generate direct and indirect employment opportunities for the people of Punjab.

In this guide, you will learn how the Punjab lottery system works. This includes how to check Punjab Dear 20 draw results, prizes you can win in Punjab dear lotteries, how to buy tickets, and more.

How the Punjab State Lotteries Works

In most cases, the Directory of Punjab State lotteries offers six bumper schemes per year, which are conducted during important festivals. Among these schemes are the Dear lotteries, which take place weekly and monthly. They include;

  • Punjab State Dear 20
  • Punjab State Dear 50
  • Punjab State Dear 100
  • Punjab State Dear 200
  • Punjab State Dear 500
  • Punjab State Dear 1000
  • Punjab State Dear 2000

How to check Punjab Dear 20 Results

Punjab lottery results are usually released the day after the draw, which is the perfect time to check your numbers to know whether you have won a prize. Although you can access Punjab lottery results from other websites and newspapers, it is advisable to view them live from the official site at Here you can view the prices, the Punjab State Lottery Scheme, Results Draw Date, and the Winning Ticket Number in pdf form.

How to Buy Punjab State Dear 20 Lottery Online

People participating in the Punjab 20 lottery scheme can purchase their tickets online or offline. Offline, these tickets are sold in the markets, railway stations, bus stands, post offices, and Sewa Kendra (service centers) in Punjab.

Besides, many websites sell these tickets in India and beyond. Since most of these websites function as middlemen, it’s important to run due diligence on them to select a reliable vendor.

Also, ensure you check the official stamp and the signature of the Principal Secretary to the Government of Punjab before purchasing a lottery ticket. The best part is that these websites accept various payment methods, including PAYTM, PhonePe, Google Pay, bank transfer, and Bhim.

Rules to Follow When Playing Punjab State Dear 20 Lottery Online

As stated earlier, these tickets are mostly found online. That means you can purchase them even if you are outside of India. In that case, Indian lottery laws don’t apply, and you can participate in international lotteries if you wish.

The State of Punjab conducts paper lotteries in accordance with the Punjab State Lotteries Rules 2015 and Central Lotteries Act 1998. As such, the State Lottery Department must convey the following information before organizing and approving any draw:

  • Total tickets to be printed
  • Name of the lottery and schemes
  • Price structure and tiers
  • The gross value of the printed tickets
  • Maximum retail price of each ticket
  • Value of each prize
  • The payment process for the prizes
  • Information about all ticket sellers
  • Periodicity of each draw
  • Location of the draws

Is the Punjab Government Lottery Better than the International Lottery?

Although the Punjab Government Lottery is one of the highest-paying lotteries in India, it falls short of expectations compared to international lotteries. First, the Punjab lottery tickets are usually pre-printed, meaning you can’t choose your preferred lucky numbers. On the other hand, international lotteries can be played online, meaning you have the option of picking your preferred lucky numbers.

Secondly, losing a paper ticket in Punjab means you cannot participate in that particular lottery. Again this is different from international lotteries, which are conducted online.

Thirdly, unlike online lotteries, where winnings are paid shortly after verification, claiming your lottery winnings in Punjab is usually hectic because you must submit proof of identity to get paid. Besides, there is usually a fixed time frame to claim your winnings.

However, Punjab lotteries eliminate the risks of fraudulent activities since they are conducted under government regulations. They also generate revenue for the government and create direct and indirect employment opportunities, as stated above.


When playing the lottery in India, Punjab in particular, it’s important to understand the lottery rules and ensure the tickets you buy are legitimate. Also, ensure you keep your personal details protected, check the accuracy of your tickets, and ensure the lottery game you are about to play is legitimate.

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