How to Make Learning Science Interesting for Kids

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Science skills are essential in the modern world. Here are some tips on how to help your kids learn science more easily.

Tell Stories

Just like adults, kids respond to stories. Kids love hearing marvelous stories of all kinds. They also love making up stories of their own. If you are teaching kids, allowing them to tell their own stories and hear what scientists have accomplished is one of the best ways to keep their attention. Focus on dramatic events like the moon landing and the discovery of radium in ways that allow them to realize how much science is based on the innate quest for knowledge all humans share.

Science Labs

Another idea that kids appreciate when it comes to learning is hands-on projects. Many kids learn best by doing things directly. Science is particularly suited for this kind of learning. Science projects 3rd grade and other grades help kids learn about science in a direct way. These kinds of projects encourage direct exploration of our world and exactly what makes it tick. Kids can use labs to study materials in their natural state and come to sensible conclusions about the natural world around them. You can use the Adobe Education Exchange platform to find free projects, activities, and even lessons for the class.

Visual Teaching

Many children learn best by witnessing things in front of them. Kids should be given a chance to have study aids that take advantage of this fact. Bring in visual aids that help kids get a grasp of the concepts and ideas you’re bringing into their lives. For example, if you are teaching about DNA, now is the time to get a model of the structure in the hands of children. Pass it around the classroom and let kids take it apart. They’ll have a chance to get a real feel for the interplay of the entire world of DNA. Use bright, primary colors of all kinds to help them get an even better feel for how it all comes together in the end.


Imagination is one thing that many kids share. They love being part of the action. They also love to interact with their peers. You can help this process in play by offering them a chance to engage in all kinds of role-playing. For example, if you are studying how planets form, have each child take the role of a specific planet. Use the kids to show what happens when they are in orbit. Kids can also learn well when they can take a concept related to science and make it their own. Children can break up into groups and explore these ideas in smaller groups. One child might take the role of an amino acid while another acts as a protein. Each child should be given a role in the method you’re going to use to teach them.

There are many ways to make science more interesting for kids. It simply requires getting on their level and thinking about what will engage them the most.

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